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Enjoy Customisable Audio Experience With Xbox Wireless Headset

What is it that makes wireless headsets so desirable by gamers? Is it the freedom, noise cancellation, or high-quality audio that one can immerse into while playing their favourite game?!! Microsoft has recently launched a new Xbox Wireless Headset. The latest addition in the Xbox accessory family promises to deliver extended sound, lasting comfort, and customizable experiences for gamers. With multi-device usability, this one already has the gamers in awe!

Features of Xbox Wireless Headset

  • Spatial sound technologies
  • Dual beamforming microphone
  • Voice isolation setting
  • Auto-mute
  • Adjustable mic
  • PU leather ear cups
  • Adjustable metal headband
Xbox Wireless Headset 1

All thanks to the new Xbox Wireless Headset, gamers will now be able to play loudly with lossless, low-latency audio. The new headsets designed by the Redmond company support spatial sound technologies, such as Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and DTS Headphone: X for an immersive experience across console, PC, and mobile devices.

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The Xbox Wireless Headset promises best-in-class audio and chats performance. It promises unique experiences that are tailored for each gamer. The headsets feature dual beamforming microphone elements which are designed to focus on speech audio. It also comes with voice isolation setting to help the microphone ignore the background noise, and instead only pick voice.

It comes with an auto-mute feature as well as a manual mute button. The headset also has an indicator light for an active microphone, along with an adjustable mic that folds up for a tangle-free experience.

Xbox Wireless Headset 2

The large, ultra-soft PU leather ear cups with adjustable metal headband make them suitable for hours of wearing. And just like new Xbox consoles, the Xbox Wireless Headset is intended to perfectly blend into the living room without being obtrusive. Also, the thick pad, and rubber rotary knobs allow the players to adjust game or chat volume and audio balance with a simple turn.

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Devices That Will Work With Xbox Wireless Headset

Proud owners of Xbox Series X or S Series PCs, Xbox One, and Windows 10 will be able to use the Xbox wireless headset without any problems as the accessory easily to a console through Xbox wireless technology. The headset can also be connected to mobile devices with the help of Bluetooth.

With 30 minutes of charging, the headsets will last for about 4 hours! When fully charged, it can go up to 15 hours. The Xbox Wireless Headset will go on sale starting March 16. It will be made available for $99, and can now be pre-ordered at select retailers.

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