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Do You Know How to Increase Internet Speed in Android?

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It would be helpful if you know how to increase internet speed in Android to tackle the issue of slow Internet by yourself. In this article, we will give you different tips and tricks to speed up the Internet on your smartphone.

How to Increase Internet Speed in Android?

Clear Cache

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Clearing the cache is one of the easiest ways to increase Internet speed. Over time, cache memory fills up and slows down the device. Usually, deleting search history removes cache memory as well. It can be done from the Internet or the Settings icon on your phone.

Uninstall Apps

There would be various apps on your phone that remain unused but they run in the background and eats up Internet bandwidth, thereby slowing it down. Uninstall all such unnecessary apps to free up space and increase the bandwidth of the Internet also. You can always install any of them if required in the future.

Download Internet Speed Increasing App

There are various apps to help boost Internet speed. These apps maintain the Internet connection of the phone without using up the bandwidth. You can download any such app with a good rating from the Google Play Store.  

Ad Blocker

Pop-up ads are nothing short of a nuisance in the world of the Internet. As soon as you load a page or open certain apps, pop-up ads invade the space and eat up bandwidth and decrease the speed. Download or allow pop-up ad blocker which will block the ads in their tracks and the original page will load quickly. Download any one of such apps from the Play Store and use it to block pop-up ads all the time.

Different Browser

Different phones work better with different applications and the same is applicable for browsers as well. Try out different browsers and find out the one that works the fastest on your phone and stick to the same.

Put On and Off on Flight Mode or Turn Off and On the Internet

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Refresh your Internet connection by turning it off and then on or put your phone in flight mode and turn it off again after a minute. Whenever you face slow Internet you can do this to refresh the connection as you would do with the modem.

Opting for Maximum Loading Data Option

There is an option in all Android phones to speed up the Internet connection. Choose the GPRS to Data Prefer to increase Internet speed from the Wireless and Network settings umbrella in your phone. This is also called the Maximum Loading Data option which allows the phone to download the required amount of data from all sites possible. This is a great way to boost Internet speed to load web pages.

Choose the Fastest Network Type

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The phone network is always getting upgraded. As recently 3G was upgraded to 4G and many areas are getting upgraded to 5G. Choose the latest preferred network type from the setting sections of cellular network connection. Whenever the phone is within the range of a better network it will utilize that connection to speed up the Internet.

Browser Text Mode

If you do not need to check out pictures while browsing any website on the Internet then you can enable the text mode feature. This feature can be enabled from the browser application on the phone and it will increase the speed at which the download will happen. Since there is no need for images, the website will load the text at much speed.

Since you know now how to increase Internet speed in Android, you will always be able to enjoy a consistent Internet connection. We have given quite a few to help you with a poor Internet connection. If you know any other ways of enhancing Internet speed, hit us in the comments section below and spread the knowledge.

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