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Different Methods to Fix iPhone Charger Cable That Isn’t Working

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You have tried everything from checking the iPhone to the charger adaptor to the wall outlet but the charger cable is malfunctioning or not working at all. It is disheartening when such an expensive charger cable stops working. Fortunately, there is still hope and you can try to fix iPhone charger cable by yourself before buying a new one. Find out how to fix an iPhone charger cable that isn’t working.

How to fix iPhone charger cable?

1. Using electrical tape

The most common issue with Lightning cables is that they fray at the end after using them for a while. This makes the cables stop working. The easiest way to fix this issue only if the cable still can be salvaged is to use electrical tape.

Wrap the cable’s frayed end with the tape, which will allow you to stabilize the unruly wires within it. Wrap the tape several times to enforce strength and rigidity. Thus, making the frayed part less susceptible to bending thereby making it last a little longer.

2. Using heat shrink tube

For a cleaner-looking cable, you may use the heat shrink tube. They are available on Amazon and other online and offline stores as well. You will also need a heat gun. However, you may improvise with a hairdryer too.

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Get a tube that is large enough to slide over the Lightning plug. Place it in a way so that it covers the entire section and a little beyond the frayed end. Turn on your heat gun or hairdryer and point it towards the tube and watch as it shrinks.

Remember the hairdryer will take more time to shrink the tube since it does not produce as much heat as a heat gun. Once it has shrunk fully, it would give rigidity and stability to that part of the cable to prevent breaking and flexing.

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3. Slicing and reconnecting

This needs a little more skill and patience than the previous two methods mentioned before. If the cable keeps on disconnecting because it is not positioned in a specific way then you can cut it open and follow the procedure to give it a fresh breath of life.

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The cables are certainly broken and can charge the phone only when bent in a certain way. You need to join these back together to make it function again. You will need solder, a soldering iron, electrical tape, and a blade to work this method.

Identify the concerned area of the cable which would usually be near the end of the Lightning port. You can also know if flexing in a particular area gets it to work.

You have two choices here- Either remove the entire segment and join the functional two ends together. Or you can open it up and check for the issue. The former option should be done only if you have faith in your skills.

Use the blade to peel away a portion of the rubber skin. You need to peel the braiding beneath the casing as well. This step would expose three colored wires, one of which will not have the rubber casing as it is the ground wire.

You will also be able to see the broken cable and you may choose to repair it alone. If you cannot, then removing the whole segment would be the ideal thing to do.

Peel off the colored rubber a little. Push the exposed ends into each other followed by twisting them slightly to retain the positioning. Use the soldering iron to solder the part where the two wires are merged and seal them together.

Use the electrical tape in the next step to wrap them to prevent them from touching each other. If they touch then a short circuit is evident. Hence, tread cautiously.

Once the wires are individually wrapped, use more electrical wires to cover the exposed idea. You may use a heat shrink tube and heat gun or hairdryer to shrink the tube around the wires.


You must also know that these methods can do more harm than good to the charger and even your phone if the repair is not done properly. For instance, short-circuiting may happen which could damage your iPhone and fry the power outlet or even the fuse of your house may go off. It is better to get a new charging cable if you are not confident about repairing it.

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How to fix the charger connector of an iPhone?

iPhone charger connector does not malfunction normally but if it does the process to fix it is quite simple. Most of the time it is dirt and grime that gets into the connector preventing it to charge the phone.

You can fix this issue by using a dash of water and a cotton swab. Dip the swab in a bit of water and clean the connector. Ensure the connector is fully dried before you plug it in. A wet connector could cause damage due to a short circuit.

Now that you know how to fix an iPhone charger cable that isn’t working in different ways, you may try them. However, beforeusing any of the methods mentioned here to Fix iPhone charger cable, you need to be sure that the cable can still be fixed. Otherwise, there is no point in trying.

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