Yes, you read that right! The latest Apple HomePod Mini has a built-in sensor curated to measure a room’s temperature and humidity. Embedded right at the bottom of the HomePod, when switched on, can be connected to other smart home devices, including fans and thermostats, to regulate a room’s internal temperature. The sensor is designed by Texas Instruments Inc. and is referred to as the HDC2010 Humidity and Temperature Digital Sensor.

Apple HomePod Mini 1

Although an Apple representative failed to confirm when the sensor might be useable for consumers, it is clear that the it has the capacity to revive a smart-home strategy that has bolstered Amazon and Google. Apple is working hard in the smart-home market, and if all goes well, the new sensor in Apple HomePod Mini will help is catch up with other competitors. For instance, the latest Echo speakers by Amazon come with temperature sensors and Google’s Nestsensors can be easily connected to its thermostats to adjust the temperature of each room.

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Apple HomePod Mini 2

Apple has shied away from disclosing details and useability of this sensor in Apple HomePod Mini as it currently lacks the requisite consumer-facing features. However, the California-based tech giant has internally had discussions regarding the use of sensor to regulate a room’s temperature and humidity. This will enable the internet-connected thermostats to adjust different parts of a home based on current temperature. The new hardware will also enable the Apple HomePod Mini automatically activate other actions, like turning a fan on or off, depending on the outside temperature.

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