Apple HomePod mini smart speaker has been launched in India at a price of Rs. 9,900. Available in white and grey space colours, this latest smart speaker is out to compete with Alexa and Google Home. However, it will primarily appeal to those with other Apple devices. So, what’s it got for users that the competitors don’t provide? Let’s weigh in.

What differentiates the Apple HomePod Mini

  1. Compatible with Apple devices: Remember, the Apple Homepod mini smart speaker works with Apple devices such as the Mac, iPhone or Apple TV. It is also most functional for Apple music and podcasts.
  2. Good for high frequencies: This speaker has been designed to comply with the quality of the music. First, it identifies the characteristics of the music. Then,it uses complex tuning models to optimise loudness based on the music. It adjusts the range and therefore offers deeper bass. The computational audioalso offers enhanced output.
  3. Better sound: HomePod mini comprises 99 percent recycled rare earth elements and a neodymium magnet in the speaker driver. This way, ituses a full-range driver, along with a pair of force-cancelling passive radiators.
  4. Some AI Features have been added: With a round and compact design,the HomePod mini smart speaker hosts Apple’s Siri voice assistant along with smart home capabilities.
  5. Safety features: Additionally, it has been provided with built-in privacy and security features.
  6. Features: HomePod mini allows you to play music, answer calls, or deliver personalized listening suggestions. It is expected to enhance the sound of Apple TV and the Mac.

Size Matters: The Apple HomePod mini speaker

Well, since this new Apple reveal is smaller than its predecessor,it is priced at $99. With this, Apple possiblyexpects to give a tough competition to the smart speakers available from Google and Amazon.

Company’s Take

Apple’s VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, Bob Borchers has said that the “HomePod mini has everything customers want in a smart speaker — amazing sound for listening to music, a world-class intelligent assistant that delivers a personal experience to each member of the household”. He also added that it is designed with privacy and security in mind.

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Compatibility with smart home devices

Like we said, the HomePod Mini syncs with Apple devices, making it easy to take a call or listen to music on the Mac. With the latest Apple smart speaker, users can also upgrade the TV experience by connecting the Apple TV with the HomePod mini. It is designed to work with Apple Music, podcasts, radio stations from iHeartRadio,, and TuneIn. In the coming few months, users will also be able to sync popular music services including Amazon Music and Pandora.

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HomePod Mini comes with Siri

These new Apple speakers allow users to control smart home accessories with simple voice commands for Siri. Ask Siri to lock the doors, change the temperature, and even turn off the lights. HomePod mini delivers a personalized and deeply integrated experience for iPhone customers. Siri can identify who is speaking and can accordingly tailor music and podcasts as per personal preferences.

In short, the new smart speaker is a perfect home hub, providing quick and guilt-free access to smart home accessories even when you are travelling. Apple HomePod mini smart speakers will be available in India from 16 November, 2020. They will be available for pre-order from 6 November on the official website. 

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