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Detox Your Body Inside Out This Monsoon Season

The weather out is romantic. With rain drops drenching the world outside, we all have been indulging in deep fried potato fritters dipped in tamarind sauce, unlimited cups of tea, muffins and cakes. Monsoon is the time when nature chooses to cleanse earth; it is also the time when all that gets stored during summer needs to be flushed out. With all things beautiful, rainy season also brings with it decreased immunity, laziness and increased incidence of gastric upsets and skin malaise, along with joint pains, body stiffness and nervous anxiety.

Detox By Eating Healthy

Unlike the fad diets which focus on eating less, celebrity nutritionist and health expert Rujuta Diwekar emphasizes on including tea and fried potato snacks in the diet, especially during the rainy season. In fact, she puts great focus on avoiding green leafy veggies during monsoon and tells her clients to eat local and regional food. According to her, everything that is home grown is good for health. Since, during the rainy season, the soil gets all mushy, it is not the right time to eat vegetables grown in ground. She is of the strong opinion that in order to detox the body, it is best to consume legumes, pulses and sprouts as these are good source protein, Vitamin B12 and various other minerals essential for body.

Rujuta Diwakar has millions of followers on Instagram and she keeps posting secrets to help her followers pursue the right eating habits. She is often against the idea of YO-YO dieting or those quick-fixes, but suggests everyone to include regional fruits, veggies, and even grains in their diet to lead a happy, guilt-free lifestyle.

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Check out her post here.

Art of Ayurveda

Ayurveda commends proper detoxification to repair body systems to counterbalance and cut the accumulated toxicity from the body. A good detox over the rainy weekend will eliminate all important channels of the body – lungs, kidneys, intestines and skin – and will allow them to work more efficiently.

When following a weekend detoxification, adhering to these simple rules will aid the detoxification process and will help in a proper cleansing.

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  • Avoid doing strenuous exercise while the body is undergoing natural detoxification. Even prolonged exposure to the sun causes the body to sweat a lot, thus obstructing the skin channels and therefore hindering the detoxification process.
  • Stick to the circadian rhythm. Instead of sleeping for long hours during the day, opt for a power nap to rejuvenate the mind.
  • Take a bath with Neem infused water avoid infections and skin problem, especially during the monsoon season.
  • Stay away from synthetic wear. Opt for clean organic cotton clothes as they allow the skin to breathe and perform its natural detoxification.

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Water Is Lifeline

It is never enough to emphasize the role played by water in cleansing the body. Water helps in naturally eliminating accumulated toxins in the body. It helps in clearing out the system and serves as the needed fuel for body to perform even the most basic function. Drink water, whenever you feel hungry. Hydrate your skin with water.  Make your own detox water drink with fresh mint leaves, cucumber and lemon juice. Sip it throughout the day, and trust us, you’ll feel more energetic and relaxed.  Try these simple water detox drinks:

  • Coconut water with lemon zest
  • Kiwi infused water
  • Pinch of turmeric in lukewarm water
  • Lemon water  with crushed mint and holy basil

These detox drinks will naturally work against the toxic overload on our body and mind, and will also help in restoring levels of hydration to rejuvenate whole body.

Focus On Sleep

It is not only about enough sleep but quality sleep when it comes to detoxification. Clear your head from all the mundane clutter. Meditate and chant a mantra that brings peace and contentment around. Thank the “Supreme Being” for everything he has bestowed and let him be the guide in all future endevaours.

De-cluttering mind from unwanted thoughts can assist the body to concentrate on other functions. Learn to be grateful, learn to accept things the way they are, and you will be a happy soul.

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Indulge In Everything Natural

Give your body the much needed break. Indulge in a full body scrub and massage as it helps in lymphatic drainage. Opt for organic scrubs as they are not only skin-friendly but also their lingering aroma adds calmness and induces relaxation. Rose scrub is an excellent option as it instantly uplifts the mood and adds a natural sheen and glow. Opt for a hot tub bath and add some essential oil like eucalyptus or peppermint. Essential oils have the ability to instantly act and soothe the aura around.

Yoga Asana

Practice mindful yoga to relieve the muscles from in-built tension and stiffness. You don’t have to tax your body. A few simple breathing exercises coupled with full body stretches will help shake off the lethargy and will uplift your mood.

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At last, remind yourself how awesome you are. Thank your body for being the constant companion, for being the perfect aid in every step that you take. Put on some make-up, give yourself a high-five and promise to love yourself, no matter what!

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