Admit it or not, but one thing we have missed the most in the quarantine and lockdowns are probably our friends. But, why miss them when you can rather play it online with your friends. As we are struck at our home with stress levels feeling overwhelming, online games are the best stress-busters at this time. Moreover, they are also an excellent way of connecting with your friends from around the world.

Ludo King

How could we not start with this one? It has been our partner across college and continued even in our office lunch breaks. Even if you are not much of a board game fan, chances are still pretty high that you would have played Ludo as a child. While not people play board games in today’s gaming era, Ludo King brought our favourite to the smartphone screens too.

If you like some light games to play, it’s a great one to play online while you can also chat with them through the safety of your own living rooms. 

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is one of the most addictive mobile games available in the market right now. If you and your friends do like the royale battle combat, what could be a better quarantine idea then to play PUBG together in the multiplayer mode. For others, who haven’t tried it yet, it is actually a good time to give it a shot.

Player’s Unknown Battleground requires players to survive on an island with 99 other rivals to win the game. Moreover, the app also allows you to voice chat with your friends while playing and also offers language support for 12 different languages.

Call of Duty

Already bored with PUBG? Call of Duty is a great alternative for PUBG Mobile to play with your friends online. Interestingly, both the games have the same gaming giants on the Developing team. The game supports in-app chats as well as a host of maps and modes besides great responsive controls.

Rummy Culture

If you are watching movies and shows on either of the –with ad—free versions of streaming platforms such as HotStar and Voot, you have already seen more than enough ads on this online rummy app.

Even as you and all of your friends are in their homes, you can still play your favourite card game together, just without the offline cards. Card games are back in both their offline and online modes in the pandemic life.


While you can’t enjoy the actual Las Vegas casinos right now, there is something you can still do. Play online casino games with your friends. Leo Vegas is a premium online gaming app.

Notably, the game also included several exciting features to the gambling product including live casino tables, casino slots, jackpots, etc.

Poker Stars

Praising the gaming firm, YourStory wrote that Poker Stars was the one to show Indian players the skilful side of online poker. The app has become a popular name in online poker games which allows users to win real cash through the game.

Moreover, it also allows you to create your own poker club and invite friends to play online cash games and tournaments together.


By the time, social distancing is still a norm, playing some cool online games with your friends is the best way to stay connected through the distance. Do try out the above games and let us know your favourites in the comments below.