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Corning Introduces Gorilla Glass Victus 2- What’s New?

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Corning has come up with the next-generation Gorilla Glass called Victus 2. It is preceded by the Gorilla Glass Victus launched in 2020. The new product would provide improved drop resistance. It offers 2x scratch resistance which is the same as the previous one.

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The Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 is made using a new glass composition. It could save the devices from drops on surfaces like asphalt and concrete. It is 15% heavier and 10% bigger.

The drop performance has become better by up to 1m on 80-grit and up to 2m on 180-grit. It is about 50 times better than its competitors. The main focus to develop Victus 2 was on drop resistance instead of both scratch protection and drop resistance as was for Victus.

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Both Victus and Victus 2 offer up to 4x better scratch resistance than their competitors. Needless to say, it has high resistance to sharp objects and a high retailed strength as well after use.

What does the company say?

General Manager and Vice President of Gorilla Glass, David Velasquez, said, “Smartphones are the center of our digital lives, and the requirement for exceptional scratch and drop resistance has only increased with our growing reliance on clear, damage-free displays. Surfaces matter and rough surfaces like concrete are everywhere.

To be used for

The new Victus 2 is meant for regular devices like smartwatches, smartphones, Notebook PCs, smart home devices, cameras, etc. Although there is no information on the devices that would have Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series and the OnePlus 11 Pro among other devices may be adorned by Victus 2 as per popular belief.

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