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Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which is Better?

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Both Apple Music and Spotify have carved a niche for themselves in the overcrowded music streaming industry. However, now the question is Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which is better? Thus, we reviewed the pricing, user experience, music selection, and other features of both services to help you take an informed decision.

Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which is better?

Overall findings


  • It offers both free and Premium plans
  • It offers music downloads for listening offline
  • It is easy to use

Apple Music

  • It has an enormous music library
  • It has monthly and annual plans
  • It is additionally available on Apple Watch, Apple TV, and in vehicles with CarPlay

Both are available for Macs, PCs, laptops, Android, and iOS devices. Spotify is also available on speakers, game consoles, smartwatches, TVs, and several cars.

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  • It offers a one-month free trial for Premium and three months of free service when using PayPal for payment
  • It costs $ 9.99/month for one account and $ 12.99/month for two accounts
  • For a family plan it costs $ 15.99/month
  • For students the price is $ 4.99/month
  • Free option is also available with advertisements and limited features

Apple Music

  • It offers a one-month free trial and six months of free service with the purchase of an eligible audio product
  • For individuals the price is $ 9.99/month or $ 99/year
  • For a family the price is $ 14.99/month
  • It costs $ 4.99/month for students

Apple Music and Spotify Premium are ad-free. Both services cost almost the same. If you choose the lifetime free service of Spotify, advertisements would be played after every few songs. Apple Music does not have a free tier.

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You can also buy an Apple One bundle that includes Apple TV+, Music, Arcade, and varying iCloud storage options at a price range between $ 14.95/month and $ 29.95/month.

Music catalog size


  • Spotify has more than 82 million songs

Apple Music

  • Apple Music has over 90 million songs

To attract users, music services need to have a broad catalog of different types of music which both Spotify and Apple Music have. They offer exclusive content to their subscribers. They represent top artists on their platforms. For instance, Taylor Swift is hosted by Spotify. Although Swift had a feud with Spotify for years but is back now.

Ease of use


  • Easier to use when compared with Apple Music
  • Presents related artists correctly

Apple Music

  • Recommendations are expert-driven
  • Offers spatial audio albums

Although Apple Music has a friendly interface it is easier to use Spotify. People can open Spotify and listen to music without any experience. However, Apple Music acts differently on different devices. For instance, it does not play as friendly on Android devices as on iOS devices.

Issue related to syncing Apple Music with iCloud frustrates some listeners, especially those who are used to having music on their devices. People get frustrated with the free tier of Spotify as well since it plays so many advertisements in such a short time.

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Both services are yet to master the discovery of new music to recommend to users. But Spotify is relatively good at presenting related artists and Apple Music offers quality human expert-driven recommendations. It is also getting better with algorithms.

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Key features

There are other aspects where these services either shine or dim when compared. These are:

1. Offline playback– Both allow the paid users to download music

2. Integration with existing music libraries– Files downloaded from Apple Music are saved in the Music app and they cannot be distinguished from other music. However, with Spotify, they are separate and most often not easy to combine.

3. Collaborative playlists– Spotify lets users create playlists with others but on Apple Music creating playlists is to be done by individuals. However, playlists can be shared with friends.

4. Audio quality– Apple Music streams at up to 256kpbs but Spotify streams up to 320 kbps. However, the difference is unnoticeable. Just that if the 320kbps music is streamed over a cellular network, it would use up a little more data. Apple has its AAC audio codec and gets to the highest possible quality by default.

5. Radio stations– Both offer radio stations but Apple Music stands out with Apple’s curated station, Apple Music 1.

6. Streaming content– Both services offer similar formats of content. They stream music videos, music, exclusive offerings, and other types of audio.

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Could you decide between Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which is better? The fact is both have their pros and cons. It would not make any sense to move on to the other if you are already on one of them. However, if you plan on using any of them for the first time then choose depending on your device’s operating system.

Needless to say, for iOS devices Apple Music would be best and for Android, it would be Spotify. Not that Spotify is not ideal for iOS. If you are still in a dilemma, use the free version of both and decide accordingly.

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