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Clients of Salesforce Can Chat with Their Consumers through WhatsApp Business Platform Now

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WhatsApp has partnered with one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) solutions providers, Salesforce, to promote its Cloud API platform among businesses. All the clients of Salesforce can use WhatsApp chat now to connect with their consumers and to offer services, products, and other new experiences.

Partnership with L’oreal group of companies

WhatsApp started with the L’Oreal group of companies as part of the deal. They can reach out to their client base on WhatsApp to provide deals and offers if they have added products to their online shopping carts.

WhatsApp Business Platform 2

As the company speaks

The vice president of Business Messaging at Meta, Matthew Idema, stated in the official blog post that it is one of the features available to businesses hinting towards other interesting features as well. According to him, WhatsApp would be making tools to let enterprises offer support to their customers and exhibit new items.

Idema also wrote, “Messaging is quickly becoming the go-to way for businesses to communicate with their customers. Already, more than one billion users connect with a business account across Meta’s messaging services every week, and this pace is only accelerating.” 

Cloud APP announcement and benefits

Cloud API was first announced in May at the Conversations 2022 event of the company. It is a part of the WhatsApp Business platform. This APP offers a secure and free cloud hosting platform where businesses and enterprises provide customized options to their clients. Idema believes that this move will make the businesses “get up and running” much faster on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp Business leading users

India is the leading user of the WhatsApp Business platform with 291.58 million downloads according to a report by Statista published in June. It has been downloaded in Indonesia 73.12 million times, 69.5 million times in Brazil, Pakistan has downloaded 48.16 million times, and Nigeria 22.37 million times.

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In partnership with Jio

Meta also partnered with Jio in India. Jio’s grocery platform JioMart is on WhatsApp Business. Jio announced last month at its 45th AGM that the Cloud API integration between JioMart and WhatsApp Business is available to customers, which indicated that people can order groceries from JioMart directly from the WhatsApp Business app.

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