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Check Out How to Download YouTube Playlist Using IDM

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Would you be interested to know how to download YouTube playlist using IDM? If yes, then this article is just for you. If you are looking for free entertainment and information on various topics, Youtube is a great source for that. The only issue with YouTube is that you need to always have an Internet connection to watch the videos since the content cannot be downloaded on your computer. YouTube only allows the videos to be downloaded on your phone.

What if I tell you that you can watch YouTube videos offline as well on your computer? You would just need to know how to download YouTube playlist using IDM? IDM stands for Internet Download Manager. Using this tool, you can download almost everything from the Internet.

How to Download YouTube Playlist Using IDM?

download youtube playlist using idm 1

Let us get to the process of downloading Youtube videos using Internet Download Manager:

Method 1

  • Install IDM
  • Allow the IDM shortcut to show on the browser
  • Stream the video on YouTube that you want to download
  • You will see an IDM box appearing on the top right of the Youtube video
  • Click on it
  • A dropdown list will appear where you can choose the video quality to download
  • Once you have made the selection, the software will ask you if you want to download the file now or later. Choose accordingly.
  • This process will let you download one video at a time. If you wish to download an entire playlist, then the following method is for you:

Method 2

  • Get the link to the YouTube playlist from the address bar
  • Generate the HTML code of the playlist
  • Pull those videos to IDM
  • Start downloading
  • Open and watch now or later from the folder where they were saved

Breakdown of the Entire Process

download youtube playlist using idm 2

Step 1

  • Open YouTube and visit the playlist you want to download
  • Copy the link from the browser

Step 2

  • Open YouTube Multi Downloader online tool
  • Paste the copied link
  • The tool will gather all the downloadable videos with available format and resolution
  • Choose as per your requirement
  • Check or uncheck on the options of ‘Add prefix order number’ and ‘Auto reduce quality if not exist’
  • Copy the generated code by right-clicking on your mouse or by pressing CTRL+C

Step 3

  • Go to IDM
  • Click on ‘Tasks’
  • Click on ‘Add batch download from clipboard
  • A pop-up window will appear will all the videos of the playlist
  • Click on the ‘Check All’ button or check the ones you need from all the options
  • Press ‘OK’
  • Another window will open up that will ask you for queue selection.
  • Choose ‘Main download queue’ or create a queue by pressing the ‘+’ button.
  • Press ‘Ok’

Step 4

  • Click on the ‘Start Queue’ button
  • Click on ‘Start Main download queue’

Step 5

  • Click on ‘Options’
  • Click on ‘Save to’
  • Choose the ‘category’ as video
  • Add the ‘directory input box’ you will see the path
  • Follow the path on your computer to see those videos

Method 3

  • Open YouTube and go to the playlist you want to download
  • Copy the link
  • Open Ddownr
  • Paste the link
  • Choose the quality in which you want to download the playlist
  • The website will create a zip file
  • Download the zip file using IDM and extract the same on your computer

These are some of the best and easiest ways to download an entire YouTube playlist on your computer. Now that you know how to download YouTube playlist using IDM, give it a try and share your experience with us. Please feel free to ask any question, clear doubts, or leave a suggestion in the comments section below.

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