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Can You See Who Reported You on Facebook to Take Further Action?

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Do you want to know whether or not can you see who reported you on Facebook? Alternately, do you wish to know whether the person or business whose page or profile you reported can see your name or not? Facebook does not disclose who reported maintaining privacy but investigates to assess the relevance or merit of the report.

Can You See Who Reported You on Facebook?

Neither can you see who reported you nor would the other party know if you have reported them. A page, profile, private message, comment, or post gets reported if there is something offensive, inappropriate or wrong. Many a time people report if they disagree with something. However, it is to be noted that it will be removed or deleted only if it violates the terms of service of Facebook. Thus, each report is examined by Facebook and they send a warning first to straighten things up.

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If Facebook finds anything wrong with your post or comment after being reported, it will email you to inform that a post or comment has been deleted and ask you to re-read the rules before updating again. You would not be told which post or comment is removed exactly. You can find out and may re-upload by making the necessary corrections.

In case your profile or page is reported and Facebook agrees with the same, it will disable the page or profile. You may not even be notified. You would come to know when you will try to access your account.

What Happens When An Account Gets Suspended?

Depending on the severity of the violation, the suspension can last from 1 day to 90 days. If identity can be provided or being compromised can be provided, the account will get enabled within 20 hours. However, if no reply is received from Facebook, the ban or suspension becomes permanent.

Process of Appeal

You cannot appeal for the post, comment, or content removal. However, you can appeal for a page or profile that has been disabled. You should know that each report goes through the abuse department of Facebook and they disable anything only when they find it in violation. However, you can still plead if you find it unjust or if the account or page was compromised leading to suspension due to a violation you may not have initiated.

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In case, your appeal is not accepted or denied, you would be able to appeal again and your account or page would not be re-enabled either.

To retrieve the reported account, follow the following steps:

  • Visit the Report compromised account page by Facebook
  • Click on the button My Account is Compromised
  • Provide the information asked about your account
  • Go through the Trusted Contacts process
  • Appeal for re-enabling of your account

You mustn’t do anything on Facebook that will result in the suspension of your account. Then you would not need to know whether or not can you see who reported you on Facebook to take further action. And you must not also report a profile or page just because you do not agree with them. Be very sure, sensible, and reasonable before taking the step to report.

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