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Blur A Photo Background On iPhone

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With the iPhone your photographs turn out to picture perfect. No pun intended. However, just sometimes there could be that annoying background that crops up behind a perfect click. Spoilsport, right? Worry not since here are few awesome tips to blur a photo background on iPhone without hassle.

How To Blur A Photo Background On iPhone?

There are a handful of ways that help answer your query on how to blur a photo background on iPhone. Take a look at the detailed steps below-

Use the Portrait Mode for Creating Beautifully Blurred Background

Did you always desire to shoot a lovely portrait frame where the background is seemingly out of focus?  Well, the portrait mode on the iPhone Camera app that is inbuilt could be your solution. This will help you blur a photo background on iPhone in a jiffy.

How To Blur A Background On Your iPhone-Understanding Portrait Mode?

Portrait mode refers to the shooting mode that is available on the built in camera app for the iPhone. It makes use of software of depth effect type, blurred backdrops while also ensuring that the primary subject stays in focus.

blur a photo background on iPhone 1
  • Blurring a photo background is a vital aspect of taking the right picture in Portrait mode.  This mode helps in blurring out annoying backdrops or those that are displeasing.
  • The Portrait mode in itself has a feature that helps blur such backgrounds. That way you end up with a more pleasing image and also aid your subject to stand out. Portrait mode is inbuilt and is available on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The mode finds way into the older iPhone XS,  XS Max,  XR,  X,  8 Plus, and  7 Plus too.
  • However the Portrait mode is not available on iPhone 8, 7, or more older models.

For now, take a look at the steps that help you sail. Through the background blurring process in Portrait Mode-

  • Open Camera app of the iPhone. Select Portrait mode at the bottom of the screen.
  • Make sure that the subject is between two to eight feet of the camera. Ensure lots of light.
  • Compose the photo. Wait for Natural Light (known as Depth Effect on iPhone 7 Plus) to come in the screen in yellow.
  • This shows that a depth-effect is at work. You can click at this point.
  • Check view finder that ensures depth-effect feature is giving good results. The subject must appear sharp, while e background needs be blurred.
  • Click on the shutter button and take  a click.

The Low Downs

Just sometimes you night see that your Portrait Mode click doesn’t turn out as you would like it. This could be because the lens fails to differentiate the foreground from the background. This leads to blurring that isn’t as you desire.

  • For iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, XS, XR, and XS Max, you can simply adjust strength of background blur.
  • Open the portrait photo in Photos app. Click Edit.
  • Tap f/number icon on top left.
  • Drag Depth slider (below the photo) to the left or right to increase or even decrease the blur strength.
  • For older models, simply turn off depth-effect, thus reverting the image back to its original sans the background blur.
  • To remove blur, tap on yellow Portrait tab on top of editing screen. Switch it on any time with a tap on Portrait again.

Getting A Close Shot Of Your Subject

blur a photo background on iPhone 2

Without Portrait Mode, you can use any iPhone to focus very close on a subject. This gives well blurred backgrounds. Closer you reach the subject, blurrier its background gets.

Hold the iPhone few feet away from a subject. Gradually movethe phone very close to your subject.

Make sure you do not get so close so as to render the camera off focus completely. Ensure that your background has ample detail that will be blurred. Happy clicking amazing photos.

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