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Best Apple TV Remote Apps You Should Install

Looking for an alternative to declutter your coffee table? Sick of switching remotes to watch your favourite series? Download the best Apple TV Remote apps and control Apple TV when you can’t find the original remote. These Android compatible and easy-to-use best Apple TV remote apps function similarly to the original remote controller, and do the operating job, just perfectly!

AIR Remote App for Android

A practical app, the AIR Remote app for Android offers an infrared blaster along with complete control of the Apple TV. The app wears an intuitive and presentable UI and boasts interesting features that make the app one of the best Apple TV Remote apps.

The app features control buttons, including up, down, left, right and play/pause, etc. Not only this, but the app also supports Macs with the infrared receiver. It uses default infrared codes and can be sued to operate even the most common android devices 

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Download the best Apple TV Remote app here. 


A universal remote app, AnyMote app can successfully control almost all smart TV models, including Apple TV. The app comes with a super-easy user interface and has zillion customisation options to suit individual needs. 


The Apple TV Remote app comes with an in-built IR blaster support to operate Apple TV through WiFi and is also well-suited to operate devices that come with IR blaster support.

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Download AnyMote Best Apple TV Remote app here. 

The Free Apple TV Remote

This is a free of cost Apple TV Remote app for Android. The app boasts of fully functional item menus which makes it easier for users to control volume, add tracks, play them on repeat mode, and even browse through different categories.

The free Apple TV Remote allows users to easily connect multiple iTunes simultaneously. Users can also use the app to give ratings to their favourite songs. The best part, you can even control your Mac, iPod, or iPhone using the best Apple TV Remote app.

Download here.

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This one is the most colourful and well-designed universal remote apps for Roku. This Remote app runs on both Android and iOS and helps in easy navigation of Roku. The app can also be used to change channels, choose from favourites like Netflix and Disney+, and more. 


Download Robyte Roku TV Remote Control here. 

Peel Smart Remote

Bringing together a universe remote experience and an interactive-visual TV, this Apple TV Remote app is quite reliable when compared to other Apple TV remotes. This app is best suited for those who use Apple TV paired with a television subscription.

The app also reminds you when your favourite shows are available, and gives a clear view of what is playing on network and cable television. 

Cider TV for Apple TV

Last but not the least, Cider TV is indeed one of the best Apple TV Remote app replacements to the actual Apple TV remote. The intuitive swipe-gesture interface makes it easier to navigate and control. The app can be directly installed via Google Play Store and is loaded with all necessary elements to promise a smooth experience. There is also a Pro version of the best remote for your Apple TV – Cider TV app with features like ad-free support, control multiple devices, and more. 

Cider TV for Apple TV

Download best Apple TV Remote app here. 

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