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Benefits of Technology and Gadgets Used in Agriculture in India

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It should not sound surprising to you when you hear about gadgets used in agriculture because technology has taken over the whole world in almost every field. So, why agriculture should lag? This industry has every right to make optimal use of technology and it is doing rightly so.

Gadgets Used in Agriculture in India

Get a glimpse of the gadgets used in agriculture and how India is using the latest technology as well:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

To ensure growth in agriculture, it is important to determine the factors that could contribute to better crop yield and proper place of harvest. Artificial Intelligence offers solutions with data indicating the type of harvest a crop might need, weather conditions, most suitable type of soil, etc. This kind of use of technology in agriculture in India is taking it to the next level.

Satellite Images

If one of the most important gadgets used in agriculture is to be considered then satellite is a must mention. Satellite images are helpful to offer information on weather changes, road networks, the behavior of the oceans or the seas, etc. This technology is used to monitor the crops without the need to being present on the farm which not only saves time but money as well.



Drones are one of the extremely helpful gadgets used in agriculture in smart farming or precision farming as it offers accurate information thereby reducing the chance of uncertainty while making a decision. With the use of correct sensors, drones offer real-time information on soil deterioration, corps, fungal infections, dry regions, etc.

The information would be made available to the farmers in a readable format so that they can gauge the areas that need the most attention with irrigation or better techniques. Drones are also used for spraying.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

With digitalization across the country, mobile applications for agricultural technology have also seen growth. The Government of India launched the E-NAM or National Agriculture Market, which is an online trading portal for agricultural commodities. If technical gadgets used in agriculture are considered mobile phones are the most used.

Some of the Most Advanced Use of Technology in Agriculture in India

Irrigation through Smartphone

Irrigation through Smartphone

Mobile technology is playing a huge role in controlling and monitoring crop irrigation systems. A computer or smartphone is enough to control irrigation systems with the help of the right equipment. The farmers do not have to drive to the fields since these gadgets used in agriculture. Moisture sensors can tell the presence of moisture levels at certain depths in the ground. These things help to have precise control of water, fertilizer, etc. that are sprinkled by irrigation pivots.

Vertical Farming

This is a practice to grow multiple crops in stacked layers vertically. This is best for growing food in urban environments to allow fresher food at lower costs. This process need not be limited to urban environments as all farmers can make use of the same to make optimal use of land and grow unconventional crops for those locations. There are different types of gadgets used in agriculture to make this possible.

RFID Technology

The use of RFID or Radio Frequency Identification technology is extensively used in agriculture these days. This technology along with smart gadgets used in agriculture helps to identify objects without any contact but by radiofrequency. It offers a farm monitoring system allowing farmers to prevent pests to damage their crops.

Smart Materials

Smart Materials

A lot of things are considered smart materials based on their ability to change their shape through external influences like temperature, pressure, acidity, humidity, electric, and magnetic fields. Some of these materials are piezo-crystals or piezoelectric materials, electric and magnetic-rheological (ER/MR) liquids, shape memory metal, color-changing materials, conductive polymers, and light-emitting materials.

Smart materials usage proved to be beneficial in agriculture technology since they impact packaging, add up functional performance, help to clean up hazardous materials, etc.


Genetic Engineering (GE) or Biotech is not anything new but its ultimate potential is yet to be unleashed. The most common uses of this technology are the use of herbicide resistance and insect resistance traits. Crops are made to emit toxins to control certain pests. Most farmers use Bt toxin which is found in organic pesticides. This saves fuel, wear & tear of equipment, pesticides, and the need for the farmers to sprinkle pesticides manually thereby saving labor as well.

Weather Tracking

weather tracking gadgets

Various weather services focus mainly on agriculture and the information can be easily accessed using a smartphone. The weather tracking technology allows the farmers to know about hail, frost, etc. so that they can take necessary precautions to prevent the crops from getting damaged or at least alleviate losses to a great degree. As already mentioned smartphones are one of the essential gadgets used in agriculture in India.

Weather Modification

This technique is used to create a favorable climatic condition for producing crops even though the real climate may be unsuitable for growing the crops. With the perfect climatic condition, an increase in crop production may be achieved.

Soil and Water Sensors

Soil and Water Sensors

The soil and water sensors are probably the best gadgets used in agriculture as well as the most effective technology. These sensors are unobtrusive, durable, and not so expensive. These sensors detect the nitrogen and moisture levels of the soil. This automates the process of watering and fertilizing the crops rather than relying on a predetermined schedule. This ensures optimal use of resources thereby decreased costs.

The farm becomes more environmentally friendly by limiting erosion, conserving water, and reducing fertilizer levels in nearby lakes and rivers.

We would like to have more input about the latest gadgets used in agriculture. Let us know in the comments below if you are aware of any different use of technology in agriculture in India.

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