Cisco And Apple Etch A Deal To Ensure Higher iDevice Inception Into Business Mainstream

Cisco and Apple have finally etched a historic partnership in a bid to bring more iPads and iPhones into the business mainstream. Apple is already a well known market leader in the world of gadgets while Cisco is a computer network giant with global popularity. In a joint statement from both titans, we read that Cisco will work towards providing a “fast lane” for apps or devices that run on iOS from Apple.

Cisco and Apple Etch Deal To Ensure Higher iDevice Inception Into Business MainstreamWhat The Deal Could Do?

Apple believes that along with Cisco it could boost businesses using tools equipped with its operating system. This could be a perfect time for such a step since long-dominant Microsoft has been facing threats to its position given that consumers have made their preference for Android and iOS very clear. Cisco has officially said that its networks will see changes for allowing more efficient working. This could contribute to better performance levels.

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What Cisco Says?

John Chambers, executive chairman of Cisco said, “Ninety-five percent of companies in the Fortune 500 count on Cisco collaboration and Cisco networks to help their teams be more productive.”Read the rest

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Sony Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Premium and Xperia Z5 Compact’s Leaked Video Reveals Features

Sony Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Premium and Xperia Z5’s alleged features got leaked in a recent video. A recent video on the French website of Clubic clearly revealed the Sony Mobile France’s Marketing Director, Olivier Terme describing the specs of the phones. Though the video is no longer available on the site, it has created a stir on the web with just one day left for the official launch of the phones on September 2.

 Sony Xperia Z5 specs at a glance

 As per the video, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is going to be the first phone  to feature 4KSony Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Premium and Xperia Z5 Compact leaked video reveals features UHD display in a 5.5-inch screen. The video also confirms the rumors that Sony Xperia Z5 would be featuring an attractive full-HD display of 5.2-inch. The rumors regarding the 23-megapixel rear camera of Sony Xperia Z5 models are also confirmed in the video. Not just that, the video also claimed the upcoming handsets to feature ‘fast autofocus’ with 0.03 seconds speed.

To ensure excellent photo quality, the phones will be backed with excellent low light performance. Though the camera is one of the most important features of the phone, the fingerprint sensor is not be undermined. Unlike the other handsets, this model will feature the sensors on the side panel and not on the back panel or home button. Yet, to get a glimpse of the phones, people will have to keep patience for some more time. … Read the rest

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Delhi Police Now One Touch Away Thanks To Latest Mobile App And SOS Feature

B.S. Bassi, Delhi Police Chief has officially announced launch of a test version of the Delhi Police One Touch Away app for mobiles. The idea to connect with public via an application has been implemented given the prevalence of technology as well as to reduce general grievances against the police.  With this new mobile application, the general public can register complaints, fetch traffic updates as well as seek details of contacting the local SHOs.

What’s Hot About The App?

There already exists a bouquet of apps for varied things related to police complaints or updates such as Traffic App, Lost Report and Himmat. The latest app will now bring all these applications under its wing. You can also check out the data related to the ACPs or DCPs and the like, for a specific region with this app.

It Comes With SOS

The one thing that has been causing buzz is the SOS specification that comes with the app. Using this, you can send snaps of crimes, violations or traffic infringements to the Delhi Police. Moreover, the app comes with helpline numbers that can be accessed via easy icon buttons. You may download the test-phase of the app from Google Play Store.

 … Read the rest

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USA Toying Over Applying Sanctions Against Chinese Hackers For Suspected Data Breach

According to a report published in Washington Post on Sunday, the White House is considering taking action via sanctions against entities and companies located in China that have seen benefits arising from Chinese hacking of American trade secrets.  While the report does not cite any specific names or sources backing such a step, it did go on to state that talks about whether the sanctions must be initiated are on in full swing.

The Complete Story

Lately, there have been numerous suspicions on China-based hackers to have breached a lot of sensitive US data. This had purportedly led to issues between the economies of USA and China. The timing of such an issue could not have been worse given that Xi Jinping, the President of China is set to visit the US in September.

What Obama Says?

Administrative officials from the Obama government have stated how China is a top suspect in a hacking case that has caused a compromise in records of more than 4.2 million employees- current and former.  When quizzed on the same, an official from White House official chose to give no immediate comment. According to what President Obama told to Reuters, sometime back, the administration “is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to confront such actors.”

 … Read the rest

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Leaked Image Of Blackberry ‘Venice’ Hits The Web

While leaked images of iPhone and  Nexus phones are creating upsurge in the web world, the leaked images of Blackberry has taken the internet by storm. The much-rumored ‘Venice’ Android smartphone of Blackberry is expected to be slider phone, as the leaked image on Tinhte, a Taiwanese site indicates.

 Specs at a glance

The yet-to-be-announced smartphone is also reported to feature QWERTY keyboard.Leaked image of Blackberry 'Venice' hits the web Like other modern smartphones, ‘Venice’ as the leaked image states is an user-friendly device with mails, dialler, contacts, calendar, camera, Chrome and Playstore apps on the home-screen. There is also one folder for Google Search, Maps and Gmail. If reports are to be true, the new phone will also have WhatsApp pre-installed.

Keeping in mind the increasing demand of the phones with high-end camera, the upcoming handset is also reported to feature 18 MP camera supported by dual-LED flash and OIS.

In the leaked image the phone appears to have a textured back. Moreover, the reports of Phone Arena claims the handset may come with1440x2560 pixel QHD display and 5 MP front camera. With excellent security settings, the phone is also reported to work on 3GB RAM and  1.8GHz hexa-core 64-bit Snapdragon 808 SoC processor. … Read the rest

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India To Get 10 Green Supercomputers

India is all set to get a great boost in the field of technology as 10 green supercomputers would be installed in the country in a course of 3 years. The new computers will not only give a significant boost to the computing performance but also will make a sharp reduction on the power consumption, said a Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) scientist.hedimg_1020_large_verge_super_wide

Computers to be launched in phases

Confirming the news to IANS, the  associate director and head of the High Performance Computing, C-DAC, Pune, Sanjay Wandhekar said that they have plans for installing at least five to ten supercomputers in this year and the rest would be introduced in phases in the the coming three years.

According to the reports, the supercomputer machines planned for installation in the coming days are developed under the National Supercomputing Mission worth Rs. 4,500 crores. Being a crucial mission for the development of the country, it is jointly handled by information technology, electronics science as well as technology departments.

India to enter green computing list

As of now, 11 machines from India have entered the world’s 500 most powerful supercomputer list, out of which 2 are in the top 100 list. Once the 73 supercomputers are installed, India will also make its place in the list of Top 500 green computing, which is indeed a great achievement. … Read the rest

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Boss Key Productions Reveals LawBreakers– Full Game Play Slated For Friday Release

The first game from Arjan Brussee and Cliff Bleszinski ‘s Boss Key Productions, LawBreakers has been revealed. The game was teased as Project BlueStreak for long time.

The Inner Story

The game is a five-on-five multiplayer mode version of a science fiction genre. The first person is a shooter. The back story of LawBreakers reveals that humans could manipulate the force of gravity following the “The Shattering” event.

As a result, the world sees two groups—one, a peacekeeper body that intends to keep the law intact while the other comprises members of a crime faction that wants to break the same. Game players will come laced with superhuman capacities as they face their opponents. As of now, LawBreakers belongs to the free-to-play category and Nexon will publish it.

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More Scoop

With the success of Nexon in the free-to-play circuit and the developmental edge Boss Key enjoys, LawBreakers could be an instant sensation.  A complete game play reveal is slated for Friday at 6:30pm IST.… Read the rest

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Google Inc Rejects Allegations Leveled By European Commission; Submits Counter-Statement

After the European Commission alleged charges of antitrust against Google Inc in April, the company has gone ahead and rejected all charges that claim how the latter has been abusing market power. The charges leveled against Google exposed it to the risk of coughing up a heavy fine unless it changed the way it does business.

What Are The Allegations?

To begin with the Commission alleged that Google played up with its search results so asGoogle Inc Rejects Allegations Leveled By European Commission to benefit its own shopping service while causing losses for competitors and customers. However, Kent Walker, the general counsel of Google has blogged that economic data for the last ten years and related documentation prove the competitiveness of Google search. He went on to write, “We believe that the statement of objection’s preliminary conclusions is wrong as a matter of fact, law, and economics.” These comments came at a time when Google submitted a 150-pager report as a counter statement to the charges leveled by the Commission.

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The Penalty Involved

Ricardo Cardoso, spokesperson for the Commission has said that they have received the counter response and has stated that the former will consider the same carefully.   If found guilty Google might have to forego up to 10 per cent of its annual global turnover as penalty to the Commission. … Read the rest

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Facebook Records 1 Billion Users Glued To It On Thursday; Plans To Develop Video Copying Protection On Cards Too

Facebook has set a record on Thursday with one billion people using the network within one day’s span. This is a high for the social network and its co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg posted that it is an important milestone. The easier way to state this will be to simply say that one out of seven people around the world used Facebook on Thursday.

The Facebook Success Figures

Zuckerberg’s vision to bring together the entire world via this social network is slowly Facebook Records 1 Billion Users Glued To It On Thursdayachieving fulfilment and he has gone on record saying that these figures are way more essential than the financials or numbers Facebook weighs on a daily basis. According to Facebook’s earnings update revealed in July, the number of active users hiked up to 13 per cent on a monthly basis from the 1.49 billion figure last year, in addition, the total number of active users on the mobile platform currently touched the 1.31 billion mark.

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What’s New With FB?

With so many laurels, Facebook is also engaged in developing an all new technology that will allow video makers to protect their work from being copied sans permission on the network.

The official line here goes like this– “We want creators to get credit for the videos that they own…To address this, we have been exploring ways to enhance our rights management tools to better empower creators to control how their videos are shared on Facebook.”

 … Read the rest

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Faasos Confirms Its Shift To Mobile App-Only, Plans Expansion Across Tier II Cities

Faasos, the popular feast on the run provider is going app only. The online food ordering service claims that its mobile app has resulted in 800,000 downloads already and it is now expecting the figure to touch 1 million in a fortnight.

Faasos has been performing well in its niche and is currently available across 10 major Indian cities. The app alone accounts for 97 per cent of all delivery orders—even in Tier II cities, says Revant Bhate, the company’s marketing head.

The Big Advantages Of App-Only

There are many advantages of the app only model since it adjusts well to the changing menu items as well as speeds up delivery times for orders across its locations. Recently, Faasos has added new items as well as expanded its breakfast delivery services. Lately, it also initiated tea and snack deliveries in Mumbai. This part of the service will soon roll out in Bangalore and Pune.

Reaching Out To More People

As far as spreading its wings to Tier II cites is concerned, Faasos is already targeting Baroda and Indore. Thanks to a solid supply chain model in place coupled with strong distribution and technology, Faasos has hit bull’s eye in terms of revenue earnings. Going app-only is another step to strengthen Faasos’s success story.

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