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2022’s Biggest Tech News-5G to Data Leaks, All Covered in a Go

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2022 has seen a lot of developments on the tech front, just before the New Year came in with a bang. Here is a snippet of what went on in the tech domain over the last few days of 2022. Read up.

To begin with, 5G services are finally set to become a reality thanks to the uninterrupted efforts from Jio. The telecom giant has promised wrapping up 5g rollout by end of 2023.

While Jio 5G services are available across 17 places across India, the initiation of 5G services from Airtel in Jammu and Kashmir drew attention.

India seems to e keeping up with what EU did, by making USB-C Ports compulsory for smartphones by the end of 2024. The country is set to build a uniform charging port for all wearable tech and phones.

As a toast to all gadgets that saw launch over the last year or so, the Times Of India Gadgets Now award ceremony will be held in February of the new year. This would be the third edition for The Times of India Gadgets Now Awards. The venue will be New Delhi and all nominations to the award will be picked based on gadget quality, durability and innovation level.

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Google Pixel will also see a bump up with availability of 5G support for users.

The models that will support 5G would be the Pixel 7, 7 Pro and the 6a range.

The long wait for the Redmi Note 12’s 5G version is set to get over by 5th January with its launch on Amazon.

In not so good news is the massive data breach of the IRCTC website as well as the AIIMS server.

Counterpoint Research has pointed out that 5G shipments for smartphones in India will go above the numbers for 4G shipments, by 2023. The shipment number is also expected to touch 100 million!

Summing Up

5G seems to be the flavor of the New Year and chances are also rife that 5G phones might get more affordable too. While the last year ended on a pretty sweet note for the tech niche 2023 seems poised to only see better and bigger things happening.