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Are you Wondering How to Remove Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter?

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Twitter is a great platform and one of the best ways to stay connected with people who share similar interests.  However, it can be difficult if everybody follows you and then unfollows. You may consider decluttering your Twitter account by removing those who unfollowed you. So, how to remove who unfollowed me on Twitter?

While it’s not about the number of people following you that matters, it is how many people you follow that fail to return the favor. What’s the point if the people you follow don’t follow you back? In this post, we share how to remove people who unfollowed you.

How to remove who unfollowed me in Twitter?

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Do note, Twitter allows you to follow people but makes it difficult to remove them quickly. Here are three tools that you can download on your Android phone.

Follow checker

This tool allows you to see your stats that includes users that don’t follow you, mutual followers, blocked users, and more.

You can easily remove your unfollowers via an “Auto” button using Follow Checker.

Follow Back

Yet another tool that does the same thing as Follow Checker. However, its interface is slightly different, and you will have to suffer boring ads. Despite the boring ads, one distinguishing character of Follow Back is the timer.

Twitter does not like it when you unfollow in bulk and so it sets limits on the interface that allows it. You can unfollow people till Twitter holds up the STOP sign. Follow Back mitigates that problem. The interface stops after fifty unfollows and sets a timer with a notification. So, after the time expires, you can unfollow another fifty.

Unfollow Today

This app lets you tap next to the name of the person and unfollow. While tapping against the name of every person you want to unfollow be suitable for everyone, it works well to remove some people who unfollow you. That said, Unfollow Today is not a great tool for people having several unfollowers.

Hopefully, this post has helped you figure how to remove who unfollowed me on Twitter easily. Using these apps you can declutter your account and remove all those who unfollow you.

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