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Simple Steps to How to Change Font Style in mi Phone

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Xiaomi has become the market leader in Android phones with record sales of Redmi and mi phones. Phones by Xiaomi are smart, sleek, easy to use, and very affordable. So, it is no surprise that over the years phones by Mi have become commonplace in India. There are several tips and tricks that can elevate your mi phone experience. But do you know how to change the font style on mi phone? 

How to change font style in mi phones?

Smartphones by mi come preinstalled with four different types of fonts. Most of us tend to stick to the original default font with which the ph is working. However, it is human nature to get bored with the same mundane things. Therefore, in case you are bored of the font style in your phone and want to jazz your text a lil bit, we have some cool tricks to help you in changing the fonts of your mi phone. 

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In which models these font style change tricks can be applied?

You can easily follow the same steps in almost all models of mi phones like Redmi 2, Redmi Prime, Redmi Note 3, Mi 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 5, Note Pro, etc. 

All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below

  • Use the built-in fonts in the phone- There are some fonts that are provided in the handset. To launch those fonts, you have to go to Themes. Then open Category and then component. After that, you have to click Font. Look for the font that you like and proceed to download it. After downloading it, you may be asked to reboot your device to apply your Fonts.
  • Use .mtz files- On a public platform like the official forum of Mi, you can also see the fonts that are being shared by the users. All the fonts shred by the users on the forum are in the .mtz extension and they are easy to download. You have to download the font file and then extract it on your computer. Winrar can be used for this. Once this is done, transfer all the font files through USB or Bluetooth to your phone. Then go to the Theme app. Look for Local. Then go to the Menu and click on Import from the SD card.

Look for the file you want to use and install it. The go-to Category and tap on the component. Then proceed to hit the Font and choose the .mtz file of your choice. Apply and proceed to reboot your device. 

So you see, just with a few simple steps, you now know how to change the fonts on mi phone. You do not have to stick with the same old boring fonts for your device. You change to play around and have fun with multiple different themes and fonts that suit best to your mood and personality. The steps are simple and straightforward and in no time you can change the fonts of your mi phone.

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