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Apple’s iOS 15.2 Update with Latest Feature

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Apple has recently released the latest iOS update- iOS 15.2. The update includes a lot of latest features including Emergency SOS, App Privacy report, and MacroControl.

The iOS 15.2 comes with the ability to reset iPhone while it is locked.

iPhone didn’t allow its users to reset their devices without using a PC till now. However, after the new update the users can reset their iPhone without the use of a PC.

Along with this, if the users will have to unlock their device using the Security Lockout Mode, they will need their Apple ID and password. Also, it is necessary for the user to connect the device over data connection or an active Wi-Fi.

How to download iOS 15.2 update?

  • Open setting on your device
  • Look for General menu in settings
  • Now go to the Software
  • Select Download and install
  • After this, restart your device and start the installation

Once the iPhone restarts, it will then work on the updated iOS version.

Know about the latest features

Apple Music Voice Plan

The new iOS update has a new subscription tier for Apple Music as well. The plan tier cuts the subscription rate to $5/ month.

The users can enjoy the full access to full Apple Music Catalog.

Community Safety Settings

The message setting has been incorporated the new update. This will help to aware the parents about any inappropriate activity that takes place by their children.

App Privacy Report

This is one of the most important features of iOS 15.2. The new feature will help users to control their data limit.

The App Privacy Report will display data and sensors that each app can display.

Apple Music Playlist Search

You can easily search within the playlist in Apple Music. You just need to go to playlist and swipe down from the top of the screen to see the search bar above playlist image.

Macro Control for Photos

People owning iPhone 13 Pro or Max can now use the ultra-wide lens to capture close-up photos and videos.

Things to keep in mind before resetting iPhone

  • The user should have the signed-in Apple ID and password
  • There should be an active data connection or Wi-Fi connected to the device
  • The Security Lockout Mode works on iPadOS 15.2 and iOS 15.2

How to reset an iPhone or iPad using Security Lockout Mode

Apple Security Lockout Mode 1
  • Using device’s lock screen enter the password until you are asked to try again later
  • Continue with it until the device shows ‘Erase iPhone’ option
  • When it shows up, tap on it to confirm
  • Now enter your Apple ID password and this will sign out the user from Apple ID
  • Tap on erase device option, this will delete all your data permanently
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