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Caviar’s new iPhone 13 Can Withstand a Bullet

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Luxury brand Caviar has announced the new stealth 2.0 series for the iPhone 13 series. The body of new iPhone 13 is engineered in such a way that it can even withstand a bullet.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are equipped with BR2 Class 2 bulletproof armour. The bullet proof body has been developed by NPOTCIT. NPOTCIT is a brand specializing in armoured vehicles and attack helicopters.

What makes the new iPhone 13 unique?

The new iPhone doesn’t have a rear camera. Caviar says that they have removed the camera so that people can use their iPhone in those places as well where cameras are banned.

The company said that owners are more likely to escape with a bruise. If in case owner gets shot twice, the owner may suffer a severe bruise. But the iPhone will avoid a gunshot wound.

Bulletproof iphone 13 1

Caviar has also introduced a non-armour version of the series that is clad in titanium. The model is not as appealing as the armoured one, but it can survive a pistol shot.

The thing that makes it a bit different is its rear camera, it has a rear camera that armoured variants don’t have.

Video showcasing the new iPhone 13

The company itself posted a video of the new iPhone. In the video, the iPhone is being shot with different pistols. The video showed that after the iPhone was shot with a pistol, the body was able to resist the pressure of the bullet. However, the body got a bullet-shaped deep scratch, but the bullet didn’t cross the body.

The display was seen coming out of the iPhone. The company has strongly advised the people to not try this on their own.

Here is the video:

How much Caviar iPhone 13 cost?

Caviar’s official website affirms, Caviar will only produce 99 units of new iPhone 13. The iPhone will have a storage capacity of 1 TB. Users can buy either iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The stealth series will cost around USD 6,370 (Rs. 4.85 lakh). The iPhone 13 Pro Max will 1 TB storage will cost around USD 7,980(Rs 6.08 lakh).

Caviar launched iPhone 12 in 2020

For the users who are always concerned about their privacy, iPhone 12 was launched last year. They launched it by the name iPhone 12 Pro Stealth.

The phone didn’t have a rear or back camera. This was for a purpose that people who work in a place with high security can buy iPhone. Even though it didn’t have a camera it still costed $4,990 which was just a starting price. The iPhone was priced at $5,520 for the gold black.

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