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Apple WWDC Live: 22 June. Mac OS Big Sur & Apple Library

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Yes, the virtual Annual Apple WWDC 2020 Live is here. Watch all the updates with TechThirsty.

WWDC Live: Introduction

Ethereal music is playing with a pan of the globe at night as we wait for Apple WWDC 2020 live.

Apple WWDC 2020 Developer conference

Millions of Memojis

The globe zeroes in with graphics of memojis of all kinds being busy on their laptops.

The Steve Jobs Theatre

We see an empty Steve Jobs theatre! This is a first for Apple WWDC 2020 live.

Tim Cook Joins In

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Tim Cook joins us, talking about inclusivity and giving opportunities to more people.

The new iOS

Quick takeover by Craig Federighi to talk about the iOS, accompanied by some fun music!

App Library

It’s now easier to manage and organise apps. Out comes the app library with widgets on the homescreen. These widgets can be customised and stack on top on each other so your screen feels more organised.

An app in app features comes alive. This might help us multitask better. Look at the image below. So you can access other apps while playing a movie with the in-picture video feature.

Siri is a search engine

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Siri is set to become a search engine. It is smarter and can answer more complex questions. SEO guys, get going!

Translate App

The Translate App for conversations is here with the Apple WWDC 2020 live. It will allow you to translate text and voice. Quick and easy. Let’s hope travel comes back sooner so we can use it too!

Stacey Lisyk talks about ‘conversations’ as more of us star messaging.


20 new hair and hairdo styles for more personalities. More face coverings and more age groups.

Apple goes the Whatsapp way with Groups. Helps you to type directly to someone and be notified only when you are mentioned in the conversation. Create a unique identity for your group too!

Apple Map

New Apple Map comes and covers more geographies. With iOS 14, Apple claims it will help people to reduce the carbon footprint with ideas on cycling options on maps.

iPhone as Car Key

A fabulous new feature is using the iCloud to work your iPhone like a car key. This one’s to watch out for. It comes first with the BMW!

App Clips

Apple launches ‘App Clips’. A small part of an app so you can use it quickly. It’s designed for speed and it’s integrate with Apple Pay and Apply sign in.

The iOS is expected to be revised and more evolved.


Apple aims to make it more useful with iPadOS 14.

We love the Sidebar that Apple has included on iPad. This will make the bulky device more handy and allow us to streamline and organise apps.

Now, an incoming call comes as a compact notification. This will come on the iOS and iPadOS

Apple goes for Search

Search comes closer to Apple. Google, beware. They’re offering a universal search as an app launcher. You could search, apps, mails, people, places, web search!

Pencil and Scribble

Handwriting becomes easier with the iPad Pencil. Let is help you take notes, express freely and work creatively.

The Apple Scribble has been included to help you write clearer. Such that it can be used professionally. This has been done with the help of a machine learning technology. You can also use it to a text field in English and Chinese.

Smarter Airpods

Airpods will now move between your various Apple devices! Earpods will switch themselves automatically if the call comes or if you launch music on your iPad. Apple also promises an ‘immersive experience’ that replicates the feeling of being in a movie hall.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch OS7 is also smarter. Faces can be personalised to meet fitness and personal goals and feelings. ‘Face Sharing’ has been provided to share it with friends and family.

New workout options, including dance now! Hip hop, Latin, cardio and more!

The ‘Wind Down’ feature of the Apple Watch will now prepare you to sleep better. It will prepare a DND experience at bed time and start you well in the morning.

A hygiene model will also use a machine learning model to monitor how long have you washed your hands!


Apple is bringing better privacy with data minimization, on-device safety, security protections, transparency and control. That should help us know what data is being used. We can share only our proximate location, you know when you are recording.

Apps will be asked to check before we are tracked. Just like foods offer nutrition facts, developers will self-report their practices. This will be available on products pages and App stores.

Home Kit

Several new features have been introduce to the ‘Home Kit’ that will help users manage priorities, lights, safety, activity zones, face recognition and more! Face recognition will use the pictures you have uploaded on your Apple devices. We are not sure what this will mean for ‘privacy’ that Apple promises.

Apple TV+

Apple has put together a collection of shows with the Apple TV+. An Apple Original preview of ‘Foundation’ is here. This one is based on the stories of Issac Asimov.

Mac OS

Mac OS is ow Mac OS Big Sur. A short videos displays its improvement in design and UI. It remains playful but becomes more detailed and combines more layers.

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