These days, we are spoiled for choice. The web has a library of documentaries, movies and shows that deserve an ovation. Enthralling storyline, superb acting and the conceived narrative automatically transports to the scene on the screen. To make something easier for you, we have covered a diverse range of subjects, from sports to crime to even food and have assembled a list of shows and documentaries you must watch.

The Ivory Game

Street Food Netflix Show

An American documentary released in 2016, The Ivory Game highlights the pitfalls of elephant tusk poaching. Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, the captivating documentary on Netflix infiltrates the corrupt global network of ivory trafficking, exposing poachers and dealers as African elephants’ edge closer to extinction. It is indeed a call to action reminder to the government on remedial measures that should be taken for wildlife conservation.

Street Food

Street Food Netflix Shows

The food-centric documentary explores rich culture of street food in some of the world’s most colorful cities of South Asia. The Netflix show showcases survival stories of the talented chefs and how they were able to make their signature dishes popular.

With emotions and cooking at the forefront, StreetFood explains the connection between the food and the lives of the people who make it. The first season of this series premiered in 2019 and took the viewers on a relishing journey across Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and India.

This amazing series is available on Netflix.

Children of the Snow Land

Children of the Snow Land Netflix Shows

Capturing human emotions showcasing the tough life up in the hills, Children of the Snow Land tells the story of a group of children born in the High Himalayas of Nepal. It an emotive documentary that throws light on the hardships faced by citizens of Nepal.

The story is spun around a few kids who are sent to a school in Katmandu, capital of Nepal, by their parents with the hope that education will change their lives. However, on their return, their life has changed. Having been part of the current social media wave, the kids start a 15 day trek fraught with danger from avalanches, snow-packed mountains and so much more.

The documentary beautifully captures the upsetting transfer. The cultural ethos of remote hills in Nepal and the city life of Kathmandu, the alteration has been captured beautifully and will surely move you with the kids describing their life has changed.

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Free Solo

Free Solo Netflix Shows

An inspiring portrayal of an athlete who surpassed our understanding of human physical and mental potential, Free Solo wonan Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.  It is a stunning depiction describing the journey of a trekker Alex Honnold as he embarks on a free solo ascent of Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan. His friend and filmmaker Jimmy Chin also accompanies him to capture a journey full of pleasure, pain and a lot of adventure.

Strong Island

Strong Island Netflix Shows

A true-crime documentary, the conviction of Strong Island lies in the family’s heartbreaking tragedy to offer a harsh picture of racial injustice faced by Africans in modern America. It is a story of a black family that could not sustain the knock-back of racial bias and was torn apart by the system. Directed by Yance Ford’ deals with the issues of race and prejudice that changed the course of decisions in a murder investigation of Ford’s younger brother.

Considered as one of the finest documentaries by The Guardian, Strong Island beautifully brings out the agony of a black family in America. The direction is stunning and captures the raw emotion and calm anger felt by the family. It is a must watch!

Add all of these documentaries and movies on your list. These are a treasure store of valuable insights combined with extraordinary direction, conscious storytelling and superb acting. We promise, you will not be disheartened.

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