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Amazon Internet Satellite Promises High-Speed Internet in India

This E-Commerce giant has a growing presence in multiple markets. With the world turning digital, Amazon is planning to make its entry into the high-speed satellite internet services space in India. The tech giant is working towards bringing Amazon Internet Satellite. 

Amazon is planning to have a meeting with the Indian government to discuss modalities, permits, authorisations, landing rights and satellite bandwidth leasing costs, and other important pointers. The company would also require landing rights in order to downlink signals of foreign satellites into the country, which have to be granted by the Department of Space.

Is it a threat for Airtel and Jio? 

Over the last couple of years, Amazon has indeed become one of the most powerful, respected, and feared companies in tech and beyond. With a relentless focus on customers and the desire to experiment, fail and learn, Amazon Internet Satellite can prove to be a threat for Airtel and Jio, the two Indian telecom giants who are trying to spread their wings in the different segments.

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Amazon Internet Satellite

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According to reports, Amazon is planning to invest more than $10 billion to configure a constellation of 3,236 low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites as part of its global space internet initiative – Project Kuiper. Although the company has not released any official statements, there are rumours that Amazon will soon be entering into a discussion with the DoS and Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to get the requisite regulatory approvals for bringing Amazon’s high-speed broadband services to India.

If Amazon can get the necessary approvals, soon the E-Commerce giant will enter into competition with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Bharati Airtel-backed One Web. This could affect the broadband prices for the country and provide users with more feasible options.

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