Today smart phones consist of everything ranging from the smallest size, largest phone memory, cameras, voice assistant, speed dialling, audio player, and so on. We have all witnessed the advantages of 4G technology and now even 5G technology is in the phase of deployment. Now, there are already talks about the advent of 6G and how it will make everything faster and simpler.

What is 6G Technology?

6G technology, or the sixth-generation wireless communications system is the successor to 5G cellular technology. The 6th generation wireless mobile communication networks integrate satellites for global coverage. It can be a combination of nano-core and artificial intelligence, where all the network operators will be connected to one single core.

 It is anticipated that 6G networks will be able to use higher frequencies than 5G networks and this will enable higher data rates to be achieved and for the 6G network to have a much greater overall capacity. A much lower latency levels will almost certainly be a requirement.

It is being speculated that 6G mobile technology will be to support one micro-second or even sub-microsecond latency communications, making communications almost instantaneous.

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How 6G Technology Works?

6G is being proposed to integrate 5G with satellite networks for global coverage. 6G technology is alo said to be cheap and Fast Internet Technology. It provides high data rates and fast Internet speed to access on air through wireless and mobile devices with data ranges up-to 11 Gbps when travelling far distances.

The actual format for 6G will depend on how 5G develops and where its shortages appear. Currently there are many different use cases that have been put forwards and only time will tell what the uptake is and how 5G is used. It is expected that it will be used increasingly for the Internet of Things, IoT, as well as inter-vehicle communications for autonomous vehicles.

Goal of 6G Technology

The 3 main objectives of 6G technology are to provide:

  • Multimedia
  • Internet connectivity
  • Weather information services to the mobile users

Nano-antennas which is designed is implemented at different geographical locations like along roadsides, villages, malls, airports, hospitals to broadcast high speed electromagnetic signals. The globe is decorated by fly sensors with the help of 6G technology. They will provide information to their remote observer station. The point to point wireless communication networks transmit super- fast broad band signals through the air at high speed optical fibre lines to transmit the secured information from transmitters to destinations.

Perceived Advantages of 6G Technology

  • Ultra-fast to access Internet
  • Data rates up to 10-11 Gbps
  • Home automation and other related applications
  • Smart homes, cities, and villages
  • Used in the production of Energy from galactic world
  • Space technology and defense applications will be modified with 6G networks
  • Home based ATM systems
  • Satellite to satellite communication for the development of mankind
  • Natural calamities will be controlled with 6G networks
  • Sea to space communication

Although 6G mobile communications is a long way off from complete implementation, research and development as well as some thought of how 6G technology will change our future course of action has already excited the young minds, and we assume that this pace will only continue to increase.

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