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How to Block a Stolen Phone with IMEI Number

In this 21st century, people have become so tech-dependent that without gadgets we can’t spend one minute of our life. Just like other gadgets, Smartphone has become a part of our daily life; in fact we tend to begin our morning by looking at our phones. Now can you imagine what will you do if your phone is stolen? It would be a distressing experience as everyone’s phones carry their personal information and it could be a potential breach if you lost your phone.

Now there is a way to restrict the breach. If your phone is stolen or lost, the first action you have to take is to block your phone. If you are thinking about how to block, you have to know the concept of the IMEI number and how you could find this number useful to block your phone. In this blog, we will guide you through every detail of the IMEI number and the process of how to block a stolen phone with an IMEI number.

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What is the IMEI number?

International Mobile Equipment Identity Number aka IMEI is a 15-digit number which is printed by the mobile manufacturer. Every cellular device has this 15-digit unique number and these digits help to specify our device whenever we connect to a call or use the internet through our cellular carrier. Every cellular carrier has a different IMEI number and if your phone has two SIM slots then you will get two different IMEI numbers for each of your SIM cards.

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How can you check your IMEI number on your phone?

You can find your IMEI number on the backside of your device’s packaging or in case, you can’t find your device’s box; dial *#06# on your phone and your IMEI number will be automatically shown in another window of your device.

How can you block your phone with an IMEI number?

  • Find your IMEI number and contact your network carrier. Provide them with the number and registered details of your phone.
  • Complete the identification process provided by them and tell them to block your phone due to theft.
  • Once your identification process is done, your network carrier will block your phone within a few minutes.
  • Now you have to do one more thing which is to register your phone on stolen phone databases. IMEIdetective and IMEIpro will help you register your phone with the help of your IMEI number so that your phone can’t be resold to anyone.
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Can IMEI numbers be changed by any third party?

It’s quite a difficult process but not impossible. Flasher connects cellular devices to a computer to modify the IMEI number and once it’s modified, it would not be possible to track or block the phone. For this reason, make sure to know your IMEI number; so, that if stolen you can block it within a few minutes or for safety purposes you also can register on stolen phone databases.

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Can I again activate my IMEI number?

No, once blocked, you can’t activate your IMEI number again. Blocking your IMEI number means it’s blacklisted and you can never use this anymore. However, you still can activate your IMEI number with a legal procedure but that would not be simple to do.

That’s all for you. Hope, you got all the important information about the IMEI number and how you can find it. Make sure to act responsibly and know all about IMEI numbers before blocking. Be aware of the rising privacy concerns and keep your IMEI number safe with you. Happy reading!

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