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A simple guide to remove copyright claim on YouTube

A simple guide to remove copyright claim on YouTube

Tired of getting YouTube copyright claims? If you want to remove copyright claim on YouTube, we got you covered! In this post, we have shared a few easy steps you can follow and prevent them from appearing on your channel.

While YouTube claims are annoying, they are important. These alerts let you know if you’ve used someone else’s content in your video. So, before you overstep your boundaries as a content creator and things get out of your control, it is good to know about copyright claims.

Some of the most common violations that can trigger creators include images, video clips, and video clips that haven’t been produced by you. These are more likely to spark a copyright claim. However, you can remove these alerts and substitute the copyrighted content for original content.

That said, a copyright strike can land you in legal soup. It means the copyright owner submitted a legal request to take your video down. So, if you get three such strikes, it could mean YouTube will terminate your channel and bar you from creating another one.

While copyright claims are not as devastating as strikes, they sure can be annoying in your YouTube journey. It could lower your income or YouTube can restrict viewing to certain countries and so on.

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How to remove copyright claim on YouTube?

Before you remove any copyright claim, you need to check if your YouTube video has any copyright claims.

Before making your content live, you will have to give your video a title, thumbnail, keywords, description, etc., to help people find and watch your video. However, YouTube will automatically review your content to check if there is any copyrighted material. This happens in the ‘Check’ section of YouTube’s checklist. The copyright checker will tell you how long the process will take and report any copyright matches before you publish your content. You can then click on see details on the right-hand corner of the page and find out if your video has any copyright claims.

If your video has a Content ID claim, there may be restrictions on where the video is viewable or if it can be monetized. To remove the claim and any associated restrictions, you can edit the claimed content without uploading a new video.

When done properly, one of the below-mentioned options will automatically clear a Content ID claim.

Trim-out segment:  Simply edit out the claimed segment from your video.

Replace song: In case your audio is claimed in the video, you can replace the claimed audio with other audio from the YouTube Audio Library.

Mute song: You can mute the claimed audio in case the audio is claimed. You can choose to mute only the song or the entire video’s audio.

Follow the steps below to remove copyright claim on YouTube.

  • Sign-in to YouTube Studio
  • Go to the menu and select Content
  • Click on the filter bar and scroll to Copyright claims
  • Search for the video you’re interested in
  • Under the Restrictions tab, hover over “Copyright Claim”
  • Tap on “See Details”
  • Next, under the “Content identified in this video” tab, search for the appropriate claim and click Actions-> Trim out segment, Replace song, or Mute song.

Keeping your channel free of controversies and other issues is crucial for successful creators. Use the above steps to remove copyright claim on YouTube.

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