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9 Top Technology Trends in the Next 5 Years

With the ever-changing nature of technology, we can only expect it to advance in the future. It is to be seen how the top technology trends are going to change the way we live or do things. Considering the current environment, here is a list of the top 9 technology trends in the next 5 years.

Top technology trends in the next 5 years

1. Metaverse expansion– A lot has been written about the software development of Metaverse and how it would look within a few years from now. Although it is not possible as of today to live in the Metaverse however within the next five years, it may be possible to immerse oneself there fully.

Comparatively speaking, the Metaverse is now at a stage where the World Wide Web was in the mid-90s. It is believed by many people with improvement and advancement, the Metaverse will revolutionize the digital sector as the Internet did.

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Metaverse is expected to change the way people work, live, and socialize. Moreover, any organizations that do not adapt to the Metaverse would not survive.

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2. Virtual and augmented reality– The two sides of the Metaverse- virtual and augmented reality could be the next big thing with a few tweaks. With new special glasses, augmented reality has the potential to increase advertising space in the real world. Virtual reality should be able to create a new digital area for advertising.

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3. Drones– Although around for a few years now but the uses of drones are quite limited. Within the next five years, drones are expected to use in many different ways. Users may not even need permission from the government of different countries to fly a drone within the next few years.

The possible use for drones could be to deliver consumer goods, food, etc. These could also be used to search and find lost people or pets. With the variety of things drones can be used for, more businesses, companies, and technologies are expected to emerge.

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4. Edge computing-Edge computing is primarily a distributed computing framework. It brings enterprise applications nearer to data sources like local edge servers or IoT devices. This proximity to data at the source could deliver greater business benefits including improved response times, faster insights, and availability of better bandwidth.

When it was introduced, its goal was to reduce the bandwidth costs related to moving raw data from its origin to the cloud or an enterprise data center. However, with the increase in real-time applications that need minimal latency like multi-camera video analytics and autonomous vehicles, the concept of edge computing is taking a new route.

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5. 5G– 5G is only expected to grow in the next five years. It is the new generation standard in mobile communications. It offers reduced latency and faster speeds. Being developed for many years, it is not ready to go online. Internet connections are expected to be more reliable with 5G. Moreover, the 5G networks would help expand the Internet of Things as well.

6. IoT devices– With the availability of more wireless bandwidth, it is possible for multiple IoT devices to connect. The possibilities of smart cities and self-driving vehicles in the future are also there. All these things would be made possible with 5G which offers faster wireless data transfers.

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7. Artificial intelligence– Data scientists and researchers are developing and finding new ways to use artificial intelligence. AI is expected to rapidly expand in the areas concerning consumers and consumer items. Along with AI, clever hardware designs are also required to ensure great results. It is a possibility with AI to make the home smarter, the planet greener, and the energy bill smaller.

8. Quantum Computing– Quantum computing uses quantum principles such as superposition, quantum entanglement, etc. This technology is also an essential part of thwarting the spread of viruses and developing vaccines. The ease of querying, monitoring, and acting on data irrespective of the source is possible due to quantum computing.

Quantum computing is expected to be used in banking and finance in the future to detect fraud and reduce credit risk. It has a great effect on science as well. Quantum computers are much faster than normal computers as well. Significant advancements are made using quantum computing for businesses.

9. Cloud computing– It would get bigger and better in the future with more organizations, industries, and businesses, whether big or small, putting their data in the cloud. As already mentioned, edge computing would also see growth in tandem with cloud computing. Then there is fog computing which should be able to improve on the challenges with cloud computing. 

What do you expect the top technology trends to be? Let us know in the comments section below your thoughts apart from the top 9 technology trends in the next 5 years listed in the article.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
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