9 Proven Tips to Save Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Smartphone Battery Life

Worried why your smartphone battery is dying out too soon? We all know that the new handsets come with huge displays, multiple sensors, and faster processors that directly affect the smartphone battery life. Also, we often run too many apps and services that unnecessarily hit battery life. But these are not the only reasons why your smartphone battery drains out sooner than expected. In this article, we have listed battery-saving tips that will improve your phone’s performance and will ensure your phone stays active with you!

Battery Saving Tips & Tricks

Remember to turn off background apps

Often, we visit an app and forget to close it. These applications continue to run in the background and eat a lot of battery. For instance, Google Maps. We use the app to reach a particular destination and then often forget to close it. This takes a toll on the battery as the app keeps running in the background. Thus, it is best to close all unwanted apps to easnsure your smartphone battery lasts for the entire day, depending on your consumption.

Turn off location services

Turn off location services

The latest Android and iOS smartphones come with built-in GPS functions, which helps to know how far away you are from a location or if helps in finding directions to a restaurant or a café. However, more often than not, we don’t need location services. It is best to turn it off as it constantly uses the smartphone’s antennas to search for your location.

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Turn off Vibration

While we all love mild vibrations while typing on the keypad, many don’t know that it does consume a lot of smartphone battery life. Also, it is best to turn off ‘Haptic feedback’ to save a good amount of juice as it takes more battery power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring it.

Don’t ignore Android updates

Don’t ignore Android updates

While we do agree that updating apps regularly is indeed a cumbersome task, it, however, helps in improving the smartphone’s overall functionality. Developers keep updating apps to improve on battery and for memory optimisation. So, ensure you have the latest versions of the apps installed to saving smartphone battery life.

Control screen’s brightness

Screen battery draws a significant amount of battery. It is best to turn down the screen brightness when streaming content or listening to music. You can also turn down the brightness at night since you don’t use your phone while asleep.

Avoid unnecessary notifications

While smartphones are designed to go into sleep mode to save power, but if we constantly keep receiving notifications from the different apps, then your smartphone will end up sucking more power than usual.

Turn off auto-sync

Several apps, including Gmail, Twitter, calendar, etc. are constantly refreshing themselves to offer users the latest information. You only need auto-sync if you cannot afford to miss important information as it eats a lot of battery. To disable auto-sync: 

Go to Settings > Google account and turn off auto-sync for apps you don’t need constantly updated.

Avoid using the phone when charging

Smartphone Battery Life 1

Using your phone when it’s charging leads to a “parasitic load.” It leads to dysfunctional charge cycles and ruins the lifespan. The main culprits your phone eating too much battery or not getting charged faster is when you constantly play games or watch movies while the phone is plugged in.

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Using Airplane mode

Now, it’s best advised to switch off the smartphone when not in use, you can also opt for Airplane Mode to avoid unnecessary battery draining while still being able to access the offline features your phone has to offer.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you have. Just by being aware of your phone’s overall usage, you can improve your smartphone’s battery life. Start by making tweaks to your settings and don’t keep plugging in your phone for charging it every couple of hours. If you practice the aforementioned battery saving tips, we bet you will be able to significantly cut back on your phone servicing costs.