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5 Ways to Turn Your Instagram Followers into YouTube Subscribers

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Instagram is the platform of choice for many aspiring social media influencers. You may share video snippets, short images, and music on your story in addition to beautiful photos on your main feed. With your profile set to public, the size of your Instagram following is almost limitless.

You should expect a lot of competition from fellow YouTubers because YouTube is the most popular venue for advertising video content. To beat this competition, you’ll need to employ all of the appropriate marketing tactics. You can buy YouTube subscribers in order to gain more subscribers on your YouTube channel. 

However, growing your YouTube channel with Instagram is more challenging than it appears. On both networks, your target audience is different. So attracting followers from one platform to another isn’t going to provide you the outcomes you’re looking for. You may, however, learn how to utilise Instagram to increase your YouTube followers with a little ingenuity.

Let’s see how you can convert your Instagram followers into YouTube subscribers now

Turn Your Instagram Followers into YouTube Subscribers 1

We’ll go through 5 methods to use Instagram to promote your YouTube videos:

In your bio, include a link to your channel

Your bio should include a link to your YouTube channel as the first and foremost item. Your Instagram account serves as a marketing tool for your YouTube channel. As a result, you’ll need to provide a link to your channel in your bio. This assists you in diverting traffic away from your page and toward your channel.

This system works by requiring everyone who wants to follow you to first visit your page. They’ll notice your bio here and be interested in checking out your channel. Build your bio as appealing as possible and include a brief summary of your work. 

Your Instagram followers will be more likely to subscribe to your YouTube channel as a result of this. You may also lead your visitors to your bio by urging them to click on the link in your bio. If you want to increase the number of subscribers, you can buy YouTube subscribers. 

Include Instagram content in your YouTube videos

Let’s say you went Live on Instagram to show your fans what goes on behind-the-scenes, or you hosted a product reveal, or you just had an interactive session with your followers. These videos can be used and uploaded to your YouTube channel.

You might also create a question-and-answer Instagram Story and invite your followers to ask you questions. After that, you may record yourself answering the questions and post it on YouTube. Inform your viewers that you have created a YouTube video with the solutions to their queries. This will motivate your Instagram followers to go to YouTube and subscribe to the video.

Teasers should be posted on Instagram

Teasers of your future YouTube videos may be posted on Instagram to promote them. These may be small video snippets from your video or even a poster. In the description underneath your post, make sure to include the date and time of the complete video’s release. You may also use them as marketing campaigns to reach out to those who aren’t already following you.

This will assist you in drawing your Instagram audience to your YouTube videos. They will subscribe to your channel after watching your videos in order to be notified when the next one is released. The other way to increase your subscriber count is to buy YouTube subscribers. 

On Instagram, hold giveaways for your YouTube subscribers

Giveaways might be brand goods, a product you’re promoting, or any new product in your industry. All you have to do is hold a contest or just give the prize away to certain subscribers. This may be in honour of your 1000th or 10,000th subscriber, or the winner of a YouTube contest. The possibilities are infinite, and the more tempting your award, the more people will want to take part.

Instagram Followers into YouTube Subscribers

Some culinary and travel networks provide excursions to their VIP subscribers. Make sure to promote these freebies on your Instagram profile to get people’s attention and get them to subscribe to your channel. People also give attention when they see the number of subscribers which you can increase if you buy YouTube subscribers. 

Build Buzz by Using Stories

When you start the Instagram app, the first thing you’ll notice is Stories, which display at the top of the screen. You may take use of this option to give viewers a sneak peek at the video you’ll be uploading to YouTube. This may be accomplished by sharing behind-the-scenes footage or photos from the production of your film. Include some text telling your viewers to come back to your page for additional information on your next YouTube video.

Additionally, you may post your video to your Story. If you have a verified Instagram account, you’ll be able to use the function that lets you post a link to your Story. You may use this to add a link to your video, and your visitors will only need to swipe up on your Story to watch it.


Increasing your YouTube subscriber count is another direct approach to get money from your videos. You can boost the number of followers on Instagram and even promote video content on Instagram with these techniques. A lot of these methods can help you boost your audience’s involvement and engagement, which is a plus.

Turn your attention to YouTube for further income options when you’ve built a sizable Instagram following. To help both audiences develop, promote your channel on Instagram. We hope this post has been useful in teaching you how to use Instagram to grow your YouTube subscriber base. All that’s left now is to implement these suggestions and watch your channel develop.

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