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5 Lesser Known Gmail Features to Try Now

Gmail Features

When it comes to emailing, Gmail is the best choice ever. With its awesome list of features, Gmail has steadily gained popularity over the years.

The email app from Google is currently experiencing a Material UI 3 design upgrade. Besides this UI facelift, set to roll in later this year, Gmail is set to see improvements for users on tablets.

Add to this a slew of other updates such as support on the emoji front and better accessibility and you will never look over Gmail ever again.

But then, there are some five features of Gmail that you might never have known about-

1. Undo send

If you have lightning fast speed then you can just click the “Undo” button on the messages you sent. This can save you from sending out that embarrassing email.

2. Putting dots in email address

Differentiate your email address with dots. Gmail doesn’t consider the dots though so when you add those dots, you might get a fancy looking ID, they can actually work even if all the dots aren’t in place.

3. Snooze button

A pretty underused feature despite being well known. Snoozing emails can help when you are super busy. Plus, you get to clear the inbox without having to hoard up on storage.

4. Preview panel

Flick on the Reading Pane on Outlook, and you get the inbox divided into a couple of parts. You get to see your inbox as well as the open email window. The same thing is available on Gmail.

Visit Gmail Labs then click on “Cog”> “Settings”> “Labs”>”Preview Pane>” “Enable” and “Save Changes.”

5. Turn off emails for groups

Turn the Reply All feature or just mute some email thread if you want to access group emails later Open Messages and click “More” on top bar. Choose “Mute.”

With so many awesome features up the sleeve, Gmail-ing could become an all new experience yet again. Go try these now.