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5 Ideas to Develop Loving Relationships Using Technology

Mankind has a love-hate association with technology. While technology brings everything together, it also keeps people apart, especially when romantic or family relations are concerned. People with too much dependency on technology remain engrossed with it and often ignore to concentrate or build up real relationships.

Five brilliant ways to develop a special bond with loved ones using technology

It is not impossible but fairly quite easy to develop and maintain healthy relationships with the help of technology. Let us find out how technology can be used correctly to aid in attaining a loving bond with the most important people in our lives:

Send text often

Send random texts to people you care about to ask about their day or what they had for lunch, etc. Such a gesture would impact your relationship with others hugely. It will make them feel cared for and loved. Simultaneously, you will also learn more about them which will help to create a stronger connection.

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5 Ideas to Develop Loving Relationships Using Technology 1

If you are texting your lover or spouse, you may send some spicy or loving texts as well to make their day brighter and happier.

Send pictures

Send pictures of yourself or anything else that the other person will like. If you are sending images to your romantic partner, you may send intimate photographs as well. This will bridge the intimacy gap if there is any.

According to the author and inspirational speaker, Devina Kaur, “Sending pictures of you two will help to spice up your intimate life and make you come closer. Once you get back from work, you’ll have something exciting lined up and the anticipation surrounding it will be the cherry on the cake,”

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Watching OTT movies or shows

While you are trying to bond with your family, siblings, or partner, watching OTT movies or shows can help a lot. Needless to say, with your love interest, you can have a cozy night cuddling together and watching something both of you would enjoy. You would have something to discuss even after it is over.

This is especially for people who do not get the time or have the energy to go on movie dates. Due to the plethora of options available online, it is not even needed to go out to have some quality time with loved ones. OTT platforms are equally great.

5 Ideas to Develop Loving Relationships Using Technology 2

Virtual dates or video calls

This is great for people in a long-distance relationship or when a partner travels quite often. This applies to people who stay away from their parents or siblings and do not get to visit each other often.

Video calls are blessings for people in such situations. It lets you forget that you are in a different place altogether. And sometimes relationships bloom in a better way when apart due to geographical location but connected and closer to heart.

Kaur further added, “You can arrange date nights virtually and have meals together. When your expressions and the voice of your partner combine, you feel them closer to you despite the distance.” 

Playing Multi-player online games

Some people bond over games more than anything else. This is quite common among friends and siblings if not with their partner or parents. Find multiplayer online games that everybody likes to play and enjoy. Accordingly set up your account and schedule a time when everybody would be available to play the games regularly.

With this option, people do not need to devote separate time to either gaming or bonding with others. Both things can be done simultaneously. Most games have chat features and thus, if people need to catch you, they can chat within the game itself.

If you found the tips useful, share them with others as well. Let us know in the comments section below, if and how technology helps you in maintaining harmonious and loving relationships.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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