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5 Best Coding Apps for Kids In 2023

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Kids are well-informed these days. They want to know the “how” of everything! With digitization and easy access to the online world, kids are now learning to code early. Computer education is about more than just the basics but instead focuses on providing kids with the opportunity to grow and learn. When kids are introduced to coding, they gain an appreciation for how digital technology works. Online coding helps kids enhance not only their learning power but their skills as well. Online coding also helps to build a strong foundation by which kids can become self-expressive. If you are looking for the best coding apps for kids in 2023, and are still wondering whether it’s safe to introduce online coding in the early years, then this article will clear all your doubts.

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Why Is There A Sudden Increase In Demand For Coding Apps For Kids In 2023?

The COVID-19 lockdown has been the primary catalyst for the growth and adoption of online coding for kids. With kids spending more and more time behind the screen, introducing coding is a great way to help them understand what actually goes behind their favourite websites, apps, and video games—the best coding app for kids on iOS and Android 2023. 

Advantages Of Coding Apps

  • Coding apps enable kids to understand the different concepts of loops, numbers & strings, conditional statements, and data types.
  • When kids learn to read and write code, they develop cognitive skills and understand a methodical problem-solving process that resembles a computer.
  • Coding teaches kids how to build, using cause and effect to make things work and adapt them for a specific purpose. 
  • Coding encourages kids to think outside of the box. Kids learn how to handle errors by anticipating issues that then crop up. Coding requires them to write the correct codes that will prevent the entire program from crashing when the error happens.
  • It propagates algorithm thinking as the process requires kids to define clear steps to solve problems. It demands conditional logic and sequencing and fosters critical thinking at a young age.

Best Coding Apps for Kids In 2023

There are lots of brilliant coding apps that can get your kids to learn how to code without even realising it. Here are the 5 best:

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1. Hopscotch-Programming 

Hopscotch is the first on the list of coding apps for kids in 2023, owing to the immense popularity it has gained in the last couple of years. The app is loved by kids as it makes learning a fun experience. The app offers different games designed to teach the basics of programming, with a keen focus on gameplay. The app gives its users complete freedom to code whatever they want. It has exciting games, stories, and arts to help your child stretch the wings of imagination and learn something new without feeling the pressure.


Download the best coding app for kids on iOS and android 2023 here.

2. Grasshopper

Catering to beginners, this is a coding app you can trust if your child is taking baby steps in the world of coding. Grasshopper teaches beginners how to code JavaScript. This programming app is designed by Google and guides kids through levels of puzzles and allows users to collect achievements as they learn new skills. Grasshopper is available on iOS, android, and all web browsers. Get your kids started with programming JavaScript for free with the Grasshopper coding app. 


Android users can download the app here

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3. Tynker 

This is another popular coding app that comes with a variety of exciting features to help kids learn how to code. It offers lessons, class materials, story-based challenges, learning modules, and so on for learning JavaScript and Python. In addition, the app, like Mimo, has an extensive library of user-made projects which the community members can access to see what others are working on.


You can download this best coding app for 10 years old here.

4. Mimo

This is one of the best coding apps for kids in 2023. It has a well-established library of science-based, game-like exercises curated to help kids enhance specific coding skills.

Mimo can help your child learn and grasp popular programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, and Python, amongst others. The best part about using this coding app for 10 years old is that it provides immediate feedback to ensure your child remains guided and does not lose interest. The app also offers essential tips to sort out the confusion and also provides different solutions to improve overall performance.


Download the Mimo coding app here

5. imagiLabs

Another trusted one in the list of best coding apps for 10 years old; this online coding app enables kids to learn Python for free through writing code. The coding app is a favourite amongst youngsters as it makes programming fun, creative and social. With the app installed, your little genius can learn to code for free with friends and, at the same time, can discover astounding coding projects created by the imagiLabs community around the world. 


Download the app here.


Coding is a necessary skill in today’s digital age, and there is always time to start learning. There are so many coding apps for kids that have made learning coding fun. The apps listed in our article are some of the best coding apps for kids in 2023 and are engaging, educational, and entertaining. 

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