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5 Best Browser For Privacy in 2021

We all crave for a little privacy in this digital era. There is no doubt that the the internet economy is constantly watching and tracking our browsing habits.Every time we browse through a site, we are immediately reminded of services or products in form of ads and pop ups. To protect yourself, you can switch to a private browser to keep your online activities away from prying eyes. Here are 5 best browser for privacy in 2021

Microsoft Edge

 Microsoft Edge stands out in the list of the best browser for privacy in 2021. The Chrome-compatible browser is super quick and responsive. With the new Edge, Microsoft syncs your information with your Microsoft account. Once you log into your system, it allows you to choose between three separate “tracking prevention” options to specify the preferred level of security.

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser also has a malware defense to boost your system against browser infections and more. This feature deploys a sandbox to block dangerous malware from disrupting your system and/or stealing personal information.

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Advantages of Microsoft Edge

•    Faster surfing

•    Quick page loading

•    Compatible with modern web

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With Brave as your preferred browser, you can customize your security and privacy settings for individual websites. It is a privacy-centric browser that blocks ads, cookies, and other trackers, along with providing protection against browser fingerprinting.


 It sports a fast-performing, privacy-focused, and minimalistic design that keeps all browsing activities private. The default ad blocker averts ads from tracking your online behaviour, and secures unencrypted sites with HTTPS, whenever necessary. You can even select what data you’d want to delete when done using the best browser for privacy.

 Advantages of Brave

•    Fast

•    Respects and protects the privacy

•    Uses less memory per tab when compared to other best browser for privacy

Apple Safari

 Another popular browser for privacy, Safari stops malicious websites from loading on the system. It immediately sends alerts to warn you of any potential danger.  It has an in-built Intelligence Tracking Prevention (ITP) feature to prevent websites from tracking users, thus making it difficult to display targeted ads.

Apple Safari

The only drawback of this browser for privacy is that it is a default browser for Mac and is only available on Apple products. The feature also prevents third-party sites from storing data in your cache by default, thus ensuring you remain anonymous online.

Advantages of Apple Safari

•    Customisation options

•    Powerful privacy protection

•    Built-in functionality to store bookmarks


Opera browser

Speed and privacy are two of the biggest considerations when choosing a browser. Opera comes with built-in ad blocker, uses built-in VPN, and even enables in-browser messaging from the sidebar. Since it runs on the Chromium system, Opera is loaded with several security features, including fraud and malware protection as well as script blocking, to make the browsing experience safer.

Advantages of Opera

•    Built-in ad blocker

•    Speed dial

•    Turbo feature to speed up the browsing experience

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Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser is indeed one of the best browsers for privacy. Since it is based on Google’s open-source Chromium platform, this browser comprises a comprehensive display of built-in security and privacy tools.

Avast Secure Browser

The browser comes with anti-phishing detection to keep the personal data of all its users safe. The anti-tracking feature averts malicious websites from identifying you through cookies and other web tracking methods, and its advanced anti-fingerprinting technology masks your device, thus protecting you from the new privacy threat of browser fingerprinting.

 In case of a breach, you will be notified immediately. The best part, this browser for privacy also encrypts the data with automatic HTTPS protection, even if the website you are browsing doesn’t offer that protection.

 Advantages of Avast Secure Browser

•    Anti-phishing detection

•    anti-tracking

•    Anti-fingerprinting technology

Which is your preferred best browser for privacy? Why do you think privacy is important when browsing online? Write your views in the comment section.

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