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Latest Microsoft Chromium-Based Edge Browser Could Turn Xbox into a PC

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We have heard of gaming consoles and work PCs and gaming screens. For households with all need types, this means a separate device for each member of the family. The latest Microsoft Chromium-based Edge Browser for Xbox is a step towards closing that divide. Once testing for the Edge Chromium browser on Xbox consoles is complete, users will be able to use an browser on their Xbox console.

Still in testing phases, the improved Microsoft Edge has arrived for the Xbox consoles for a select group of users. Needless to say, Edge browser is still in the testing phase. Hence, users might experience bugs.

Where does the new Edge browser work?

Xbox testers that fall in the Alpha Skip-Ahead group have access to the new Microsoft Edge on Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X consoles as of now.

The Edge browser for Xbox consoles works on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The UI on Edge for Xbox conveys a refined controller input. The Chromium-based console doesn’t have any support for the mouse of keyboard as of now.

Chromium-based Edge browser for Xbox consoles 1

What’s new with the Edge browser testing

  • Still in testing
  • Allows surfing on Xbox
  • Supports Google Stadia
  • Users can manage history

A browser for busy households?

Users will be able to access and surf different websites via the controller. This means, users can use the console for gaming, shopping and social media. We wonder if this could give a run for money to younger buyers of the gaming PC. Since their buying decisions are often based on the parents’ utility.

The Edge browser has support for Google’s Stadia cloud-based streaming platform. It is expected to enable several browser-based games.

Reports also suggest that the new Edge browser would allow users to access web versions of different apps such as Skype. This is because it will come with support for extensions, Collections, and other desktop features. Again, a useful feature for home use.

User experience has been refined

With the new and improved Edge browser, users will be able to view the settings better. Once they open the history, the browser will display a dropdown from the toolbar instead of layering the screen with a full-page view.

The new browser will also enable users to manage history more efficient while accessing core browser features such as search and open.

Chromium-based Edge browser for Xbox consoles 2

The test version gives the impression of having the same sync engine used across Edge. It also provides support for extensions, vertical tabs, Collections, and several other Edge desktop features.

Please note that support for the existing legacy version of Microsoft Edge on Windows desktops will end on March 9. Edge browser testing updates suggest it will arrive on all Xbox consoles soon.

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