Its official! We are now dependent on digital wallets for carrying out daily transactions. From buying groceries to medicinesto bill payments, and even making small transfers, digital wallets have made life much easier. With millions of downloads and installation, Paytm has started blocking accounts in case of multiple downloads, installation of parallel space app, and for other reasons as well. In this article, we have covered different methods you can use to unblock Paytm payment account. 

Why Paytm account is blocked?

There are many reasons why Paytm can block your account. Here’s why your Paytm account can get block or become temporarily inactive:

  • Using more than one Paytm account on the same mobile device
  • Creating a new Paytm account using an already registered mobile number
  • Carrying out unlawful exercise
  • Using same credit/debit card details for multiple Paytm accounts
  • Trying to add money using Scripts.
  • Not adhering to the stated Paytm terms & conditions

According to RBI, a person can only have one account from one ID. Thus, is best advised to create a new Paytm account in case you don’t have money in your previous wallet. You can create a new Paytm account using a different mobile number and email id so that it doesn’t freeze or block Paytm account.

unblock paytm payment bank account

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Here’s how you can unblock your Paytm payment account:

To unblock Paytm payment account:

  • Visit
  • Click on “My Account”
  • Here select “Password reset related issue or account blocked”
  • Click on “My account is blocked”
  • Put in Message to Paytm
  • Write in the problem you are facing along with name, e-mail address, and registered mobile number
  • It is also best to attach an ID to help Paytm to unblock your Account.

It takes 24 -72 hours for Paytm to unblock the account.

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You can also use this alternative method to unblock Paytm payment bank account

  • Dial Paytm Customer Care (24×7): 9643-979797
  • Choose IVR option 2,5,9 to raise a request for a call back from Paytm executive
  • When you receive a call, be patient and explain to the executive about the problem you are facing while trying to use your Paytm account.
  • The executive might ask you to mail a copy of the following documents:
  • Bank transactions (only PAYTM deductions
  • Your account details either passbook or net banking profile
  • Aaadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • When sending the documents, do attach a screenshot of the message that the app is flashing when you are trying to log in.

Contact Via Official Twitter Handle

In case you don’t have time to go through the entire process, you can also contact Paytm via their official Twitter handle and inform them your Paytm account is blocked. In this case, its best to share the screenshots of the error messages so that the team can start working on the problem. To unblock the Paytm account, the team will send a message requesting for complete KYC details, including Pan and Adhar card. Submit all documents carefully, and let the team work on unblocking Paytm payment bank account.

Send an E-Mail to unblock Paytm payment account

 Login to a registered email account and compose a mail to Compose a mail informing the authorities about the issue you are facing when trying to log in to your Paytm account. Enter a registered mobile number, and attach a copy of your Pan card along with the screenshot of the error faced when trying to use Paytm account.

Send the mail. It typically takes 2-7 days for Paytm to reply back with a solution. You might also get a mail seeking additional information to unblock Paytm payment account.

 Tip: Once Paytm account is activated, create a new Paytmaccount by updating the KYC.

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