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12 Methods To Fix “Confirmation Code Not Received” from Facebook [2023]

Facebook has some great features in place. Some are meant for the safety and security of user accounts. It sends a confirmation code when people try to access the platform in a bid to ensure that the accounts do not fall into the wrong hands. However, at times, users face difficulty in receiving the code. To overcome the situation, it is important to know how to fix confirmation code not received from Facebook.

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How to fix confirmation code not received from Facebook?

1. Double-check contact information: Ensure that you have provided the right contact information to receive the code. Check for any errors or typos in your email address or phone number that you entered.

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2. Resend the code: Facebook has the option to get the code sent to you again in case you have not received it yet since it is being delayed. Click on the “Resend Code” option on the screen to get a new code.

3. Check junk or spam folders: If you are meant to receive the confirmation code through an email, check your junk or spam folder. It is possible for the email to get filtered and land in that folder.

How to fix confirmation code not received from Facebook in 2023

4. Try the alternative method: If the method you are using is not yielding any results, try using the alternative method that Facebook offers. For instance, if you opted to get the code via SMS, choose the email verification option to check whether or not the message is received. 

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5. Check your phone number: If you are using your phone number, ensure that it is activated and is available to receive texts. Contact your carrier if there is any issue in that aspect.

6. Check for accounts issues: Facebook may withhold sending a confirmation code if your account has been flagged for suspicious activity or the account is associated with any security-related issues. Facebook is quite strict about user safety and thus delaying the code. If you think this might be the issue contact Facebook support for assistance and resolution.

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7. Wait and try again: Ensure that Facebook is online and there is no service outage or the platform is offline. You can check the Facebook status at the Downdetector website. It should tell you the current status.

How to fix confirmation code not received from Facebook 2

At times there can be a technical issue at Facebook’s end which would be resolved soon enough. Wait for a few minutes for the service to get restored before requesting the code again.

8. Check your network connection: It may be an Internet or cellular network issue that is preventing the code to get delivered to you. Switch to a different network or change your location for better signal strength.

9. Use alternative account recovery methods: Facebook offers recovery methods like authenticator apps and trusted contacts. Try to use them if you have set up the account accordingly before in order to access your Facebook account.

10. Restart your device: Sometimes devices face small technical glitches. If it is a technical glitch that is causing the issue, then restarting it is the solution.

11. Clear the Facebook cache: The app could be misbehaving as well considering you are using your phone to log in. It is often due to corrupted caches. Fortunately, the solution is simple.

Uninstall and reinstall the app if you are using an iPhone. Try to log in thereafter. For Android users, the cache can be cleaned without uninstalling the app. Go to ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Apps’. You may need to hit the ‘See all apps’ option. Find ‘Facebook’ and click on it. Choose the ‘Storage and cache’ option. Click on ‘Clear cache’ and then choose ‘Clear storage’. The issue would get resolved in most cases.

How to fix confirmation code not received from Facebook 3

12. Contact Facebook support: If you have tried all the methods but still did not receive the code, it is time to get in touch with Facebook directly. Visit the Facebook Help Center and search for the appropriate channels to get your issue resolved.

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Hopefully, you have been able to follow how to fix confirmation code not received from Facebook. Just use these methods and you shall be able to resolve the matter. If you found this article useful, share it with others.

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