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Wondering How Many Reports are Required to Delete an Instagram Account?

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As Instagram and Facebook have become a staple in our lives, so have the pros and cons that they come with. As much as our generation loves to live their lives on Instagram, carefully curating the moments of life on the feed, we have to agree that it does come with some perils of its own. Cyberbullying and harassment are very common on Insta. Keeping in mind the issues, we will discuss how to tackle such situations and how many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account. 

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People consider social media as a platform to voice their opinions and to reach a larger audience. Sometimes, though, people overstep the boundaries and the content may become offensive. In addition to being inappropriate, a large number of cyberbullying and cyber-harassment cases are reported each year. To combat such cases, Instagram has provided an option to report such accounts. But the question is how many times does an account have to be reported in order for it to be banned or deleted?

How many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account?

This questions does not have an exact number as its answer. No one except Instagram knows exactly how their algorithm works, so we really cannot know the answer. Other than just the number of times, the account has been reported there are other factors too that influence Instagram’s decision to ban an account. 

We all will agree on one thing though. Instagram needs it users, so it has been seen that despite repeated attempts it might stay a bit unaffected by the subject. 

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Therefore, there have been cases where Instagram has not blocked or deleted an account despite repeated requests. How quickly an account is deleted also depends upon what type of content is being reported by other users. 

What could be the possible reasons for an account being banned?

  • Abuse:- Instagram is strictly against abuse of any kind so intimidation, threat, vulgarity is unacceptable in comments or even in DMs.
  • Spam:- If an account is spamming other accounts for sales or likes it can be reported.
  • Posting private content from a third party:- If a person posts sensitive content or information that belongs to someone else, his or her account can be reported. 
  • Plagiarism:- Copyrighted content or plagiarised content can be the grounds for reporting an account. 
  • Violence:- If a post promotes or glorifies violence on humans or animals, it can lead to the account being blocked. 
  • Identity fraud:- If an account is impersonating someone else, it can be reported. 

Instagram does have a system where inappropriate content can be reported. But if we’re to tell you honestly, there is no number to how many times an account has to be reported for it to be banned. The best bet is to report if anything violates policies of Instagram. The Instagram team evaluates all reported accounts and the decision to delete or not delete the account is theirs.

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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