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Windows 11 updates the taskbar for widgets notifications

Though it adds to the users’ multitasking skills, there are still some chances of distraction.

Windows 11 is starting the taskbar notification update this week. Users can notice the changes in the Web Experience Pack of Windows, which regulates the widget notification work.

Practically, it will be visible as, for example, a previously removed and restored weather widget, which will now be shown as animated notifications in place of previous static notifications.

This latest feature is an advantage for emergencies. Like when the user plans a trip, he/she will get a notification about weather updates. If it’s going to be bad, they will know beforehand, without checking it manually. There are great chances of updates in Finance and Breaking news widgets as well.

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What is new in Windows 11 widgets

According to one Microsoft support article, there will be dynamic content in the notification of the new Windows 11. Last year, some changes were announced for the weather widget of Windows 10. And months after that, Microsoft restored the weather widget of Windows 11.

Users can expect to notice other widgets showing live content on the taskbar than animated notifications from the weather widget. Such as notifications of soccer match live scores or stock market updates.

This development will allow users to keep doing their tasks and stay updated with widgets. All it will take is one glance at the taskbar notification and nothing else.

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Though it adds to the users’ multitasking skills, there are still some chances of distraction. Because till now, there has been no news about how to mute these notifications. After all, not everything works for everyone.

What users can do is either ignore them if they can till the notification goes away. Or they can work offline. Also, they may drag and move the widgets to a place where their notifications won’t distract them.

Not available for all!

Unfortunately, according to Microsoft, these changes will not be seen in Windows 11 SE. But these new changes will be available for supported versions in the forthcoming days or weeks.

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