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Why Is My Phone Slow and Hanging? You Need to Be Aware

Is your Android phone giving you a tough time? Wondering ‘why is my phone slow and hanging?’. You need to be careful. Phones usually hang when there is a malicious app trying to take over your mobile phone’s data. Too many files can also be a plausible reason for your phone to not function properly. In this article, we have covered reasons for why is my phone so slow, along with causes and simple solutions.

Why is my phone slow and hanging? 

Prolong use of any smartphone over time does affect its ability to perform optimally. This does not mean that it is ok for the phone to hang. The common reason for smartphone hang is when you use too much RAM. Overheating and wear and tear are other possible causes why my phone is slow and hanging.

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If your device is too old then slowing down is normal. But if it isn’t, and you are still concerned about why my phone is slow and hanging, then the following can be the reasons.

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  • Your phone will hang if you have recently installed heavy apps. These apps not only eat a lot of space but also run their operations in the background to fetch newer data, notifications, and updates making an Android phone slow.
  • Collected cache and unwanted pictures, videos and documents also make the phone heavy, thus affecting the speed.
  • Everyday wear and tear.
  • Apps not updated properly.

Steps to Improve Phone’s Speed

Clear Cache on Android phone

Clearing Cache is always advisable as it cleans your device and creates space for storage. Follow the steps to clear cache on Android phone:

· Go to Settings on your Android phone

· Look for Storage

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· Here tap on Cached Data

· Click OK to clear all unwanted cache from the smartphone

Uninstall unwanted and heavy apps

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Heavy apps eat up a lot of space on your device and put pressure on the operating system, thus affecting its speed. We often install so many apps that we hardly do. So, it’s best to get rid of them if you are wondering why my phone is slow and hanging.

To do so, 

· Go to Settings and search for Application Manager or Apps.

· Select the App you wish to uninstall. From the options that appear before you, click on Uninstall to delete the App from your device.

Disable unwanted widgets

Widgets end up taking a lot of processing power and eat up the battery too. They are one of the reasons why your phone is slow. You can disable the widgets by 

· Long pressing on the Widget

· Dragging it to the X icon to delete it.

Factory resets your device

Before you do so, do take a backup of all your data and contents either on the cloud or an external memory device. If not, you will lose all pictures, videos, documents stored on your device.

· Go to Settings 

· Select “Backup and Reset” 

· Now click on “Factory data reset” and then “Reset Device”. Here, don’t forget to tap on “Erase Everything”

Remember, once you have successfully completed the reset process, it is best advised to restart the phone for it to perform to its best capacity.

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