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Which is the Best Free VPN Extension for Chrome?

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If you are looking for the best free VPN extension for Chrome that would not harm your system, you have come to the right place. We have curated a list of the 10 best extensions that you can check out. Needless to say, you can finally choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

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List of best free VPN extension for Chrome

1. Hotspot Shield– This VPN extension also doubles up as an ad blocker. It is free to download for browsers or PC to keep data private, gain high-level security, avoid censorship, and get content from the Internet. The premium version has improved features.

2. VeePN– It has 89 server locations with more than 2500 servers. VeePN is one of the best VPN Chrome extensions available in 2023. It allows fast browsing and streaming. Moreover, it has no logs polity with impressive military-grade encryption. To add to the pros there is no limit to traffic and bandwidth.

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This is an extremely reliable VPN extension whether you are trying to geologically restricted websites or want to safeguard and hide your online activities from hackers. It has over 8000 reviews and 4 million users. VeePN can be integrated with your Chrome easily and instantly with one click.

3. HOLA VPN– This VPN is used by over 261 million people in the world. It is one of the fastest VPNs to unblock content or websites. HOLA VPN can be integrated with one click.

HOLA VPN is available in both web and app formats.

4. Setup VPN– This is a completely free VPN extension for Chrome. It gives unlimited bandwidth, speed, and a free server. It is being used by over 1 million users with ease. Whether you are a layperson or an IT expert, you can easily use Setup VPN. No technical expertise is required to run Setup VPN.

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However, it is advised to use it with WebRTC Leak Shield.

5. Planet VPN– It has over 1260 VPN servers and is available on five continents. Planet VPN offers decent seep, easy-to-switch location options, and reliable browsing security.

It addressed the common complaint by free users about it slowing down the computer or the device by making itself public in 2017. This is a resilient option, especially for those who like to browse BBC iPlayer, Netflix, etc safely.

6. ZenMate VPN– Although a paid version is available, the free version also comes with various quality features. The free version can let you use the proxies of the USA, UK, Germany, Romania, and Hong Kong.

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7. CyberGhost– With just a few clicks and you would be able to install the free version of the CyberGhost VPN Proxy. Within seconds, you can change the browsing locations.

Not only you can watch blocked sites but you are protected from third-party scams as well. You can browse Chrome with complete safety.

8. Touch VPN– Bypass geo-restrictions and protect your data from attacks by hackers at the same time by using Touch VPN. It is a reliable and robust option to explore. You get to explore the world with unlimited bandwidth and secure service with this one-click extension.

It does not ask for any payment or card details to get its free trial. You do not have to signup either.

9. DotVPN– About 80% of its features are available on its free version. To enjoy the rest 20%, one may choose its premium subscription. It does not allow the users to access clogged content, sites, and videos. It is also an extremely reliable tool to protect users from hackers and snoopers.

10. Betternet– This popular free VPN for Chrome does not ask for any credit card information, registration, or login details. Just install the extension with one click to enjoy free Chrome VPN service.

Betternet does not show any ads. Moreover, it is even trusted to carry out banking activities and international bank transactions.

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Shoot in the comments section below which one you found to be the best free VPN extension for Chrome from our list. If you know about more such service providers, let us know that as well.

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