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WhatsApp premium- The subscription model by WhatsApp

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The globally loved messaging platform WhatsApp is constantly adding features to keep itself relevant and to make the entire experience of the app more user-friendly. In a series of latest developments, a new update is in the works in which WhatsApp will introduce a new subscription based model. The users will have to pay a small amount to enjoy a bunch of features.

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WhatsApp Premium – The new subscription based service by WhatsApp

The new subscription based model called the WhatsApp premium will be available for business account users. Though the subscription model is being tested everywhere whatsApp is available, it is being reported that this will be an optional service for the business account users.

WhatsApp premium

What will be the features available in WhatsApp Premium?

So, if a user chooses to opt for this service what all features will he get in return?

As per reports, the user will be able to link unto 10 accounts with the same number. This service could also allow the user to create a custom link for their business. What all other features will be introduced in this service, remain to be seen. 

In related news, another update is in the works by WhatsApp called the Chat Filters. This feature will be introduced for the business accounts. This will let the business owners to organise their conversations with different accounts more efficiently. This feature, once introduced, will be available on all platforms where WhatsApp is available. 

An exciting new feature called the Companion Mode is also being developed by WhatsApp. The user will be able to link a WhatsApp account on a primary device with a secondary smartphone. When the user is using WhatsApp on the secondary device they will be logged out from the primary device. As soon as the user is logged into the secondary device the data will be removed from the primary device. 

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