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What is Virtual RAM and its Usefulness?

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Have you ever wondered what is virtual RAM or what dynamic RAM expansion or extended RAM is? These are some terms that you must have come across if you have been following smartphone launches in India over the past few months. We all know about RAM but extended or virtual RAM is not something most people are aware of. In this article, we will dive deep into this for a better understanding.

What is Virtual RAM?

Virtual RAM is a feature that uses a portion of the internal storage of the phone to be used as additional RAM thereby increasing the total amount of RAM in the device. As the name suggests, the RAM is extended and not physically present on the smartphone.

Virtual RAM 1

For instance, if a smartphone has 6GB RAM along with 128GB internal storage and the RAM is extended by 5GB, you will now have 11 GB RAM and 123GB storage.

Does Virtual RAM Increase Performance in Phone?

This is a very important question that needs to be answered correctly. Virtual RAM can increase the capacity of the phone as it can hold a few extra applications in its memory. However, you would not notice a performance boost instantly in the device. Virtual RAM will speed up certain operations and make the device feel faster but the difference would not be as noticeable as you would expect. So, the end device performance will be the same.

How is Dynamic RAM Expansion Useful?

Virtual RAM does not necessarily cut short the labor of the physical RAM in the smartphone. It aids it in faster clearing of the pipeline of tasks. It is normally used as an additional storage space for volatile tasks such as keeping the most used apps ready to go in the background so that no time is wasted for them to launch. Just one tap will spring the app into action. This gives the impression of speed and thus is useful.

Can Virtual RAM be Extended?

It may not be as easy as flipping a switch but it is possible to add RAM extension functionality through a software update by smartphone OEMs. It calls for a ton of testing and optimization though.

What to Expect?

Manufacturers are trying to monitor how consumers are using this feature and whether or not it is being helpful to them. Based on the response, either more devices would have this feature or a limited or no device would have it. This is a fairly new concept and brands would use it as a marketing tool before it becomes truly mainstream.

Phones with Virtual RAM Feature in India

Virtual RAM 2

If you are interested in buying a phone with a virtual RAM feature then the list is given below:

You can go for a phone with this feature if you do not want to spend much for getting more physical RAM in your device but would like to use one with more RAM. Hope we have been able to answer what is virtual RAM. If you need more information on this topic, feel free to write to us.

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