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Two Ways to Set Out of Office in Teams

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Set out of office in Teams to let your teammates know that you are either on vacation or not working. As soon as anybody sends you a message they will get a reply mentioning that you are unavailable. This message will also sync with automatic replies in the Outlook calendar.

How to Set Out of Office in Teams?

There are two ways to schedule an out of office message and status in Microsoft Teams:

Option I: Set Out of Office Status from Your Profile Picture

Set Out of Office in Teams 1
  • Visit your profile photo at the top of Microsoft Teams and choose the Set status message.
  • Check at the bottom to choose Schedule out of office.
  • Turn on the toggle next to the Turn on automatic replies option.
  • Type the message you want in the text box. This message will automatically appear when anybody opens your profile or try to contact you in Teams. The message will automatically be sent as a reply in Outlook as well. If you make any changes in Outlook, the same will be reflected in Teams.
  • If you want to send the automatic message to other people outside of your organization, check the box next to Send replies outside my organization. Then choose between all external senders or your contacts. You can write a different message for this audience or copy-paste the same message in the text box as you wrote for your colleagues.
  • Set the Start and End date and time of the out of office message. Accordingly, it will start showing and stop displaying the message. Also, check the box next to the Send replies only during a time period option to apply the status message.
  • Click on the Save button

Option II: Schedule an Out of Office Status in Settings

Set Out of Office in Teams 2
  • Visit your profile photo at the top of Microsoft Teams.
  • Select Settings>General>Out of Office.
  • Click on the Schedule button to open the out of office screen.
  • Then follow the steps from three to seven of Option I mentioned above to set your preferences.

Once you are back to work turn off the automatic reply by selecting your profile photo and going back to the out of office screen as you did before. Turn off the toggle beside the Turn on automatic replies and choose the Save button.

Check out this video on YouTube to get more clarity on how to schedule out of office in Microsoft Teams.

Hope with the knowledge on how to set out of office in Teams, you will be able to schedule the status and enjoy your break. Once you set the status, you do not need to inform all your teammates and people outside of your office about your unavailability separately. Like and share with your friends and teammates if you found this article helpful.

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