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Top Amazon Prime Series in India

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OTT platforms have been our savior during the pandemic.  The distress of COVID locked all of us inside our houses while we all hustled for a ray of sunshine given by the OTT platforms. Streaming free videos, series, music and so much more, OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon kept us sane, and even helped us learn a few new things. Here is a list of top Amazon Prime series India.

Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime is an Emmy award winning Indian crime drama streaming on Amazon Prime. Delhi Crime focuses on the police investigation that underwent to uncover the true crime of rape and murder of a woman in Delhi in 2012 – the Nirbhaya Case. The top Amazon Prime series beautifully highlights the kind of patience and determination the officers often work with under very strenuous circumstances.

You can watch Delhi Crime on Amazon Prime and Netflix.


Empowered with a talented cast, Mirzapur is one of the top Amazon Prime series that have the audience gushing over the brilliant script line, authentic dialogues, and excellent cinematography. With 2 seasons already out, Mirzapur has become the most-watched show in India. Mirzapur is a patchy tale of power, greed, hunger, and rules. It is a story of the uncrowned king of the lawless city of Mirzapur. One night, his son, in an unrelated event, kills a groom, in a wedding procession, and from here starts a game of ambition, power, loyalty and greed, eventually threatening the control of the Tripathis’s on Mirzapur.

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Guddu and Bablu, on the other hand, hail from a middle-class family but decide to follow a dangerous path in dreams to get control over Mirzapur. This surely makes Munna, son of A Akhandanand Tripathi, to feel insecure while his greed for the status keeps growing.

Season 2 of Mirzapur has its own twists and turns as Guddu plans out a revenge against Tripathis after the wedding shootout that killed his brother and wife. Mirzapur series is loaded with politics, drama, and lust for power. We are sure that once you start watching, you will find yourself living the story.

Watch the top Amazon prime series now.

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Four More Shots Please

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Light on the mind and soul, Four More Shots Please is one of the top Amazon Prime Series in India. It is a story of four friends, from different walks of life, who try to cruise through life with the support of each other. The 4 millennial women play through romance, work-life conflicts, ambitions and anxieties in modern-day India, only to come out stronger together, with each other’s support.

 We have already binge-watched the first two seasons and are hoping that the third season comes out soon.

You can watch the Amazon Prime series for free.

Family Man

The Family Man has been one of the most spoken about web series. The lead role played by ace actor Manoj Bajpayi, the masterful tonal variations and nuanced storytelling makeis one of the top Amazon Prime series.

The story of Family Man revolves around the personal life of a secret agent, Srikant plays out with lyrical mundaneness. Employed at an intelligence agency in Mumbai, Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC), Srikant’s regular day at work involves sleuthing and shooting, interrogating and nabbing terrorists. The nature of his job – concerning national security – demands that it must remain a secret. 

Watch it today on Amazon Prime.


 Panchayat falls under the comedy-drama genre. The series chronicles the life of engineering graduate who joins as a Panchayat secretary in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh due to lack of better job options.

The light-weight series captures the struggle of an educated boy who is trying to fit into the village life and perform his duties, while managing the chaos in the village. This one is beautiful and ensure you are smiling all the way till the end.

Make your weekend a happy one and watch this top Amazon Prime series India.

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Paatal Lok

For those who love good acting, this crime thriller web television series is a must watch. Pataal Lok is a story of how a down-on-his-luck cop call, played by Jaideep Alhawat, bags the case of investigating four individuals accused of conspiracy to murder a well-known journalist named Sanjeev Mehra. The plot is intense, and will keep you gripped till the end, we promise.

Do watch it over the weekend and we promise you want regret the brilliant acting chops.


The Sushmita Sen led web series is based on a popular Dutch drama called Penoza. It is a story of a woman who is catapulted into the hot-seat of her dodgy family business after the death of her husband who had his secrets.. After initial reluctance, she takes charge, growing in confidence and aplomb, facing down one challenge after another.

 Watch the gripping web series on Amazon Prime today.

Bandish Bandits

Bandish Bandits is a romantic series that revolves around a classical singer, Radhe, and pop star Tamanna. They have contrasting personalities, and the two set out together on a journey of self-discovery.

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