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Top 5 Ways to Extract Text from Images On Windows 10/11

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You are viewing a presentation, PDF or video online, and suddenly you want to grab the text from it? 

But you are hesitating from doing it, knowing the tedious work Google lens or Apple’s Live Text entails. 

We hear you! 

If you are among the 1.4 billion Windows users and are looking for simplified ways to extract text from images on Windows 10/11, then read our complete guide. 

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We have mentioned 5 simple ways to answer your question of how to extract text images on Windows 10/11. 

Let’s drill down on them!  

5 Ways To Extract Text From Images on Windows 10/11

1. Grab the Text From Microsoft Power Toys  

Power Toys is a robust inbuilt capability by Microsoft, which offers greater productivity on windows 10 and 11.  

And guess what? 

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You can use it to extract text from images on Windows 10/11. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to extract text from images using Power Toys. 

Step 1: Install Power Toys on your windows device. 

Step 2: Now, launch the Power Toys application on your gadget. 

Step 3: Click on the ‘text extractor’ option, which will appear on the left side.

Step 4: Enable the ‘Text Extractor’ toggle switch. 

Step 5: Once the text extractor is enabled, open the image. 

Step 6: Next, press the keyboard shortcut “Windows key + Shift + T”.  

Step 7: Now select the text you want to extract from the image, and it will be automatically copied on the clipboard. 

Step 8: Voila! The text is copied now, and paste it wherever you want to. 

2. Extract Text Using OneNote 

OCR is a feature built to speed up the extraction of texts from images. With these simple steps, you can use OneNote on your Windows 10/11 to extract text from images. 

Step 1: Click Windows + S and type OneNote. Press on Open to launch OneNote on your device. 

Step 2: Now click on the insert tab to add a picture.  

Step 3: An insert picture window will appear on your screen. Now select the image you want to extract from and insert it into the NotePad. 

Step 4: Once your image is imported, right-click on the image. 

Step 5: From the drop-down menu, select the ‘Copy Text From Picture’ option. 

Step 6: Now click anywhere on the blank area and press Ctrl + V to paste the extracted text. However, you may need to put more effort into formatting the text! 

3. Extract the Text Using Google Docs 

Google Docs is not just for completing writing assignments; in fact, it can also be used to extract text from images on Windows 10/11. 

Simply uploading the image to Google Drive and then opening it with Google Docs can help you extract the text from the image. 

Follow these simple steps to learn how it works: 

Step 1: Open Google Drive on your device. 

Step 2: Press on the “New button” from the drop-down menu and select the file upload option. 

Step 3: Once you upload the image in Google Drive right, click on it and open it with Google Docs. 

Step 4: Well, now the image is uploaded into Google Docs, and the complete text is extracted below the image. 

4. By Using Prepostseo Image to Text Converter 

Prepostseo is an online image-to-text converter that seamlessly extracts texts from official documents, web pages, and images. 

Hence follow these steps to convert an image to text using this fantastic tool. 

Step 1: Upload or copy-paste the image into the drop-down box. 

Step 2: You can also paste the URL of the image. 

Step 3: Press the submit button to upload the image. 

Step 4: Hooray! The text from the uploaded images has been extracted! It has been extracted in a container. 

Step 5: Copy the text to the clipboard and download the text in whichever document format you want. 

Step 6: If you want to convert the text from an image to another language, you can choose any language from the side panel. 

5. By Using Image to Text OCR Extension 

You can easily extract the text from the images using this browser extension. 

Here is how you can do it: 

Step 1: Add the Image to text (OCR) extension from the chrome web store. 

Step 2: Once you reach the extension page, now click on the “Add to Chrome” button. 

Step 3: To launch it, click on the extension icon. 

Step 4: Select the image file you wish to extract text from. 

Step 5: Once you upload the image, the text will start appearing on the right side. 

Wrapping up! 

In this article, we have extensively talked about the best 5 ways to extract text from images on Windows 10/11. 

Many users have upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10; however, the functionalities of both of them are almost similar. Therefore all the hacks mentioned above work seamlessly on both windows 10 and 11. 

We hope that all the methods mentioned in our guide were valuable and have helped you! You can also check out other helpful tech tips and tricks on our website

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