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Top 5 Gadgets to Beat the Cold this Winter Season: 2023’s Ultimate Guide

Winter is upon us and is in full swing! However, along with joy, it also brings a chilly breeze and low temperatures. However, to take away your winter blues, we have mentioned a list of the top 5 gadgets to beat the cold this winter season. 

The winter season is a true productivity killer because between finishing your work, you have to deal with frozen fingers and shivering legs. The obvious fix here is to install a gadget to beat the cold. 

However, this season is meant to stay cosy in bed all day and sip hot chocolate. However, at some point in time, you need to beat the laziness and get back to your daily routine. Now without any further ado, let’s dive into the products that will keep you and your indoors toasty and warm. 

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Let’s get started! 

Top 5 Gadgets to Beat the Cold this Winter Season

Philips Electric Kettle 

Warm water & beverages are the life saviours during the spine-chilling winter season. But wait, who wants to go out from their warm nest during a chilling day? 

Well, we hear you! Here is a new Philips electric kettle that uses high-end food-grade standard stainless steel to prevent beverages from losing their warmth. 

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Just plug in the kettle and sip hot water, coffee or tea from the comfort of your bed. 


  • Built with food-grade stainless steel and is concealed with the premium quality heating element and cord winder. 
  • Has a wide opening for hassle-free cleaning & pouring. 
  • A smart inbuilt steam sensor to avoid overheating and dry boiling. 
  • Comes with a 2 years warranty. 
  • For better handling, it has a 360-degree cordless pirouette base. 

Super Foot Warmer Heated Foot Warming Mat Rubber Design

The feet are the coldest part of our body, and most people don’t realise that they lose a lot of heat through the soles of their feet. Shoes and socks can keep your feet warm, but sometimes they are not just enough! 

You need something extra to keep your feets warm and cosy! 

Enter: This excellent heated footrest by cosy products. 

This revolutionary product is highly portable and adjustable. It is designed to take anywhere and is excellent for workplaces and hotels. Believe us when we say it ‘during the chilly winter seasons, nothing keeps you warmer than warm feet.’


  • Thrives on direct and radiant heat up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • You can use it even when wearing shoes and boots. 
  •  The heated mat is convenient and compact to use, which allows you to take it even on vacations. 
  • Heating pads are made of waterproof, durable material, which makes them durable. 
  • It is versatile in use; therefore, you can use it on kitchen floors, cars, bathrooms or literally anywhere

Arcola Home Made in India Premium Double Electric Bed Warmer

These premium electric blankets made it to our list of top 5 gadgets to beat the cold this winter season because of the quality it upholds. 

Electric blankets are the best gadget you can buy to keep yourself warm. Rather than heating up your entire room, it just gives warmth to you. 


  • It is built with the highest quality polyester fabric that ensures that the blanket feels luxurious. 
  • They are designed for double beds and can be used as under-bed warmers. 
  • It comes with handy remote controls that allow you to manage the temperature quickly and has an auto cut feature to prevent overheating. 
  • Tried & tested technology for shock and fire resistance. 
  • It uses less electricity and does not reduce the moisture level in your room. 

TURBO Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater  

Adding a stellar electric fireplace to your home can add ambience and elegance to your living room. Moreover, this gadget not only amplifies the beauty of your home but also keeps you warm. 

They can be cheaper to install and are much cleaner than traditional fireplaces. Also, electric fireplaces are safer than open-flame fireplaces because they keep you away from hazardous flames.  


  • With an upgraded new design, you can see the control panel through the beautifully curved door. 
  • Infrared heating produces heat without producing smoke or ashes. 
  • Adjustable flames setting allows the user to adjust the heat level and makes the mood-lit. 
  • It is an easy-to-use gadget that simply works with a flip switch and has an automatic button to protect you from overheating. 
  • A customizable timer doesn’t allow your room temperature to go too high or low. 

Touch Screen Winter Gloves 

With technology in full swing, it has entered all aspects of our daily lives. To keep our hands warm, we wear gloves, but it becomes a struggle when we have to constantly touch the touch screen devices. 

However, what if we tell you that there are gloves that allow you to use your touch-screen devices whilst keeping your hands warm? 


  • It is built with a waterproof formula that acts as a thermal shield and keeps you warm. 
  • These gloves are created with one-touch technology that has compatible pads. 
  • They are phone-friendly and work with a single touch. 
  • These gloves add an extra layer of nylon that perfectly fit the hands and are suitable for runs. 
  • The touchscreen-enabled gloves perfectly fit your hand and feel just like your own fingers. 

Wrapping up! 

We hope these devices will make your life much easier, and we are pretty sure from our list of top 5 gadgets to beat the cold this winter season at least one product will make it to your home! 

With the advancement in technology, there are tools besides beating cold to ease your daily life. For instance, there are also gadgets to keep anxiety at bay. (Check them out if you want to enjoy a stress-free good night’s sleep!) 

Until the time we come back again with excellent tech information, stay tuned!

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