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Top 5 Best Waterproof Phone Case for Snorkelling

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Not just snorkelling there are other water activities as well where waterproof phone cases will be a blessing for you. Be it swimming, or using your phone while sitting around the water or just using your phone in the shower (may be for Netflix). Waterproof phone case is the best idea to keep your phone safe from water and dust.

Here is a list of the best waterproof phone cases for snorkelling and how to find out the best waterproof phone case. Find all your answers below.

Know which is the best waterproof phone case for snorkelling

There are mainly two types of waterproof phone case, one is the hard and exactly designed case to fit your phone design and other one is a simple light and transparent pouch, in which simply put your phone and seal it.

Both phone cases work for different scenarios. But if you are looking for a phone case with maximum benefits then a hard phone case will be the best option. Here is the criteria to choose the best waterproof phone case for snorkelling.

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Screen touch: if you choose a hard phone case then there are chances of an issue with screen touch. But that’s not necessary. If the phone case window is made up of PVC material then there won’t be any touch issue. On the other hand a thin pouch will be an easy option for screen touch.

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Waterproof capacity: Most waterproof phone cases are rated on the basis of Ingress Protection (IP Scale). From which you can identify how much water or dust, dirt your phone case can bear. On the IP Scale IPX8 and IP68 is the highest rating. From which you can expect the highest protection during snorkelling.

Durability: Not just waterproof phone cases but every phone case requires this property. If your phone case cannot protect against drop and damage then it is of no use. In this case a hard designed phone case will be the best Waterproof phone case for snorkelling. Also, keep in mind that your phone case should be able to handle the pressure under water, which increases as you go deeper.

Photography: Obviously this is the main reason you are looking for the best Waterproof phone case for snorkelling. So before choosing a waterproof phone case make sure it not blocking the camera, it is anti-fingerprint, anti-fog and so not create bubbles around it so that you can get your perfect shot underwater.

A list of top 5 best Waterproof phone cases for snorkelling

Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch

A must have waterproof phone case

  • A waterproof phone case with IPx8 rating
  • Can bear underwater pressure up to 100 feet of depth
  • Equipped with floating pockets and paddling, providing extra protection from drop underwater or on hard ground.
  • Effortless screen touch due to Thermoplastic Polyurethane material which is soft and sensitive. This also adds to the excellent underwater photograph. No wonder it is the best Waterproof phone case for snorkelling.
Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch

Oterkin Waterproof Case

Waterproof phone case with wireless charging property

  • It can bear the underwater pressure for up to 2 meters of depth, you can enjoy taking photos and videos, and touchscreen accessibility up to this depth.
  • Made up of grippy material and hence prevents any slipping possibility underwater. Also, it’s lanyard has handy design so another grip for your phone
  • Wireless charging property on a Qi Pad
  • Dirt protection property so you can take your phone along to the beach.
Oterkin Waterproof Case

Spider Case Waterproof iPhone Case

Best waterproof phone case for snorkelling

  • IP score is IP68
  • Full gripped design, rigid sides, anti-scratch back and Schick absorbing property makes it perfect for protection against drop and damage
  • There are raised bezels surrounding the camera, so as to provide protection against drop damage
  • Screen touch is excellent and buttons are easily accessible
  • Thin case made wireless charging possible on the pad
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Note: Your phone’s sound can mess with your speakers, either keep your phone silent or use wireless and waterproof earbuds under water.

Spider Case Waterproof iPhone Case

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Mitywah Shockproof Case

Meant for iPhone XR

  • Gives you every protection against snow, water, shock, sand and dust
  • IP score is IP68
  • Made up of durable material such as metal, aluminium, polycarbonate and silicone
  • Can submerge up to any depth
  • Rubber lining inside the case protects from drop damage even in solid surface
  • There are raised edges from the screen side, so as to protect your screen if your phone falls on the surface. No wonder it is one of the best waterproof phone case for snorkelling.
Mitywah Shockproof Case

Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch

Versatile phone case

  • Can be used for any phone having up to 7 inches height. Including Google Pixel phones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, iPhones.
  • It has IP score of IPX8
  • Completely waterproof up to 100 feet of depth underwater
  • An active and efficient touch due to polyvinyl chloride
  • Not just for your smartphone protection, you can use it to keep other important articles with you while snorkelling.
Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch

There are 5 best waterproof phone cases for snorkelling. They are listed according to their waterproof capacity, drop damage protection, and IP score. They all provide effective protection from water, dust, and damage. Hopefully you will find your waterproof phone case you are looking for. What is your experience with any of these waterproof phone cases, please tell us in the comment section.

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