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Protect Your Smartphone And Gadgets From The Splash Of Holi: 5 Easy Ways

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So, you want to capture your colorful Holi moments, but do not want your gadget to get any harm at the same time right? In these times of Instagram and Facebook Stories, and live trends it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep your smartphone or gadgets at home. They have become our need at any moment.

Nowadays no celebration or occasion can be complete without letting the world know about it. Rather than worrying about the gadgets let us get into the ways to keep it safe with you in this Holi.

  • Water Balloons (your budget-friendly option)

Yes, those same balloons you fill with water to splash on each other, you can use them to cover your smartphone or even smartwatch.

Their thin, flexible and waterproof property is exact and best option to keep your smartwatch and smartphone free of water and color.

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 So, pick one or two balloons from many other balloons you bought for Holi. And put your smartphone or smartwatch inside it. Simple.

protect smartphones and other gadgets when playing Holi 1
  • Glycerin or moisturizer for your earphones

Not just your smartphone you can protect your earphones also from getting colored or wet from water. During Holi, the color goes into the earbuds, and water is most damaging for your earphones.

For this reason, apply glycerin or moisturizer on your earphones before you go out to play Holi. Later when you come back from Holi, you can remove the applied moisturizer or glycerin using tissue paper. All the colors will be removed easily from your earphones.

  • Airproof and waterproof Ziplock bags (capture your moments while playing Holi)

Want to use your smartphone as well as keep it safe while playing Holi? Then this is the best solution for you. This way, you would not miss out on capturing colorful and funny photos as well as videos of your loved ones.

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Simply, put your smartphone inside the Ziplock airproof and waterproof bag and close it. Additionally, you can cut some of the bag in the shape of your phone camera (to maintain the clarity of your photos and videos). But do not forget to stick whole of your phone with the Ziplock bag, so that camera hole do not ruin everything.

protect smartphones and other gadgets when playing Holi 2


Keep your phone in silent mode before putting it inside the Ziplock bag, so that your phone speakers do not damage.

• If there is water on the Ziplock bag then, Do not put your phone immediately to the charging after you remove it out of the Ziplock bag. It may cause electric shock.

  • Use Pattern lock (to ease your mobile usage)

If you cover your phone for safety and keep a biometric lock on your screen. Then it will be very difficult for you to instantly access your phone when you will be in the middle of Holi colors.

So, keep a pattern lock on your screen and unlock it instantly without any hassle of entering your pin code.

  • Seal all your smartphone’s ports

May be you do not want to cover your phone but still, looking for some other way to keep it safe. So here comes the solution.

Cover the ports of your Smartphone with either duct tape or port closer (if available). This way your smartphone is safe from water going into its ports and damaging it.

Caution: Again, keep your phone on silent mode to protect your phone’s speaker from damage.

All the above-mentioned ways to keep your smartphone and gadgets safe from Holi splash are very simple and easy to apply. Choose any method that works for you. After all Holi fun should be captured and shared with everyone around you.

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Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma
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