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Top 5 Best Astrology Apps of 2022

Are you a person who loves everything about astrology? No problem. There are several apps available that you can download and learn about the stars. In this article, we have shared the top 5 best astrology apps of 2022 that you can use to expand your astrological knowledge.

While some apps give you an extensive knowledge of the placements of the planets, others connect users to professionals for reading and insights. Whether you are a beginner or professional, there’s an app for you on this list.

Here’s our list of the top 5 best astrology apps of 2022

1. Astrology Zone

One of the best apps, Astrology Zone is suitable for both beginners as well professionals. Susan Miller provides easy-to-understand content and an accurate horoscope. The app provides users with daily and monthly horoscopes based on their sun signs. It also includes a compatibility calculator for free. The app’s paid version allows users to avail complete readings, weekly predictions, and Miller’s essays.

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astrology zone


  • Highly precise horoscope
  • Optimistic outlook
  • Most of the content is free


  • Does not consider the entire natal chart
  • Often, monthly horoscopes are posted late

2. Sanctuary

If you are a beginner, Sanctuary is your go-to astrology app. The app’s highlight is its live birth chart readings. This feature allows users to ask astrologers questions about anything related to astrology including their charts. The app includes GIFs, emojis, and fortune cookies making horoscope predictions fun. Additionally, Sanctuary provides daily and monthly horoscopes with complete planetary profiles, daily tarot card pulls, and other astrology-related learning material for no cost.


The main and best feature of this app is the birth chart readings it offers. For a minimum cost, you can get a live birth chart reading with an astrologer at Sanctuary.


  • Offers live birth chart readings
  • Tarot card pulls
  • Easy to use and understand app


  • Not a very detailed app
  • Slightly more expensive than other apps

3. Co-Star

If you want in-depth knowledge about astrology then Co-Star is the app you need. While it is notorious for its jarring notifications, it is still a great app for users in need of a deeper understanding of the sun, moon, and rising sun.

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Co-Star is an AI-powered app that aims to revolutionize astrology. Though the app comes with a minimalistic design, it offers highly detailed charts. The app takes into account a user’s sun sign, moon sign, and the rising sun and shows them their planetary positions.


  • Simple design and easy to navigate
  • No compatibility issues
  • Detailed readings


  • Sometimes the advice may be irrelevant
  • A few users have complained of technical glitches

4. Chani

For horoscopes with a touch of mindfulness, you can choose the Chani app. It has a down-to-earth approach and includes interactive options such as guided meditation, journal prompts, and altar suggestions. Chani offers several free basic features such as detailed birth charts and horoscopes along with interactive options such as guided meditation, journal prompts, new and full moon workshops, and a podcast providing insights about the week ahead.


For add-ons, you can subscribe to the app. You can quit and join whenever you wish to.


  • Visually appealing
  • Holistic approach
  • Several add-ons


  • Expensive
  • Some users have complained of glitches

5. The Pattern

This app aims to help people understand themselves better and connect with others on a deeper level. Its prominent feature is the ability to connect with friends through the platform and check if you and your partner are compatible.

The Pattern

Just like Co-Star, The Pattern also includes a social aspect to it. However, instead of using the sun, moon, and planet jargon, the app uses simple and direct language without compromising its accuracy.


  • Detailed compatibility prediction
  • Simple language and easy-to-understand design
  • Helps match with like-minded people


  • Several old free features are now paid features
  • Not a great app for gaining in-depth knowledge of astrology

So, that’s our list of the top 5 best astrology apps of 2022. You choose an app based on your personal preference and understanding of astrology.

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Varsha Kamath
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